4 Years Anniversary on my first WordPress blog

There it is: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. This is my fifth year in blogging on my own blog (if you also count DaMaiDeparte.ro, on which I published in 2007, it’s my 6th year). The added periods of my life when I regularly blogged (at least once a week) make the 7th part of my life.

4 years anniversary

If I were to consider only the last third period of this time on Analytic Vision, there have been visits from 118 countries, which is more than on any other blog I have written on, more than half of the states which exist on Earth today – the most, being, of course, from Romania and USA.

I have published on Analytic Vision 232 posts in 4 years, out of which I deleted 79.

I published last year the top of most read articles. What questions to ask your psychologist  is still the most read, totaling 2000+ visualizations. Of course, the most searched phrase from which Google users got to my blog was “questions to ask a psychologist”, while the most searched single word was “analyticvision”.

The most popular subject I have written about is Debug Your Mind, which has become a child-blog independent from this one, two years ago. I published 2 days ago this commemorative post on this event.

There have been  100+ comments published on this blog from various users, out of which I published some I considered most honoring here.

This blog is registered on Zelist here. Analytic Vision‘s position makes it better than 86,57 % than all the other blogs registered in Romania.

A year ago, on very exact date, I published here a list of things that I consider I have learned from blogging. Since then, I have also started to make some money with my Romanian blog, Discerne.  That explains why I now spend less time to write on this blog, but doesn’t excuse it.

The busiest day on my blog was 16 June 2010, when this blog managed to get 245 views, just around its first year anniversary.

Analytic Vision was referred by (in this order): search engines, Yahoo, Discerne.wordpress.com (my Romanian blog), Facebook, gandeste.org, WordPress, press releases & announcement sites. There were also various blogs which referred less than 100 views each to my blog.

Analytic Vision has allowed me to explain to many people with one or two links important ideas that I have opinions on – a very strategic investment of time (in stead of explaining again and again to every single person).

You can read for yourself, Analytic Vision is a very appreciated, clean, concise and useful blog. I invite you to search for articles in the updated archive and to share my blog with others.

Thank you!

Stefan Alexandrescu,



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