Sibiu International Theater Festival

Sibiu is the second most important cultural city in Romania after Bucharest. Each year, it hosts the biggest theater festival from Romania. The first (unofficial) edition of the festival was in 1993. This year, the festival celebrates its XXth edition and 19 years since it officially started in 1994 (check its history here). This festival is also the third biggest theater festival in the world and it gathers beside theater, also dance, music, circus, exhibitions and street performances.

France is an honored guest to this edition, which will be held between 9th-16th of June 2013.

There are spectacles of theater, music, dance and circus from all over the world:

Australia (Circa)
Austria (The Little Old Ladies, Are There Alps in Vienna?, Horn-mad)
Belgium (European Cities on Stage, The March of the Stilts and the Royal Brass Band from Merchtem, Dangerous Mission 3: The Trambouline, Another Kind of Boys Band, Clear Tears, Murky Waters)
Canada (Klezmer music, Circa, The Return)
Czech Republic (Causa Fatalis, The Magnetic Ballerina’s Dance, The Losers Shine, Too)
Denmark (Dark Fairytale)
Finland (Sad songs from the heart of Europe, The Frankenstein Clowns)
France (The farse of Panthelin, The Reunification of the Two Coreas, The Bohemians, The Horse Riders, The Cupids, The Merry Brass Band, A Beautiful Little World, Everything is Fine, Homage to the Corsican Opera: Music and Song)
Georgia (As You Like It)
Germany (Salto Lamento, The Verdict and Other Stories, Continu, Hot Dog)
Guadalupe (Carribean Rhythms)
Hungary (The Master and Margaret)
Israel (Khemin, Dark Fairytale)
Italy (The Father, The March of the Stilts and the Royal Brass Band from Merchtem, The Merry Orchestra La Racchia from Vejano, Caribbean Rhythms, Hot Dog)
Japan (The Bee, Lost within the Quiver of the Cherry Trees’ Flowers, Yo Shi Tsune and the 1000 Cherry Trees, Shut up and Play!)
Lithuania (The Divine Comedy)
Mexic (Incendies)
Poland (Lear’s songs, A Play about Mother and Home Country, The Brass Band and the Gracious Polish Cheerleaders, The Sounds Table)
Romania (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Faust, For the Win, Illusions, The Notes of a Madman, The Master and Margaret, A Japanese Story, The Seagull, Platonov, Scenes from the Life of Insects, A Streetcar Named Popescu, The Angels’ Harmonies, Journey in Verse, Play and Chant Rhythms, Old Transylvanian Music- Pipe organ concert, Loredana Groza, Robin & The BackStabbers, Symphonic Closing Concert, Smiley, Şuie Paparude, Vunk, About Dreams and other dellusions, Transylvanian Ornaments, The Tower Breathes, A Refrain )
Russia (Illusions, The Wedding, Three Sisters, Causa Fatalis)
Serbia (Music of Elizabethan Court and Theatre, Old Music from the East of Adriatica)
South Korea (Self-Portrait, Tetsu Dance)
Spain (The LIttle Prince, In the Rhythm of the Drums, Old Gold, Flamenco Rhythm)
UK (The Meal, The Tragedian’s Trilogy, Ubu King, Reading Scottish Pipe Band, Strongman, Don’t Lose Your Soul )

So you can see, with artists from 24 countries participating (more than 10% of the states of the world), Sibiu pins Romania on the map of important worldwide cultural events.


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