My Personal Development Evaluation For 2012

About a year ago, I have stated publicly that I will change/improve some things with me, overall, based on the 360 degrees annual evaluation[en, blog]. Last year, in the fall, I have done the 360 degrees evaluation for 2012, so I now have a pretty good overall picture of what I have accomplished in the 8 months which have passed from March 2012 till November 2012. Although I did my homework and I completed the little research, I haven’t made time to share with you the results in such an organized fashion as I had done for the 2011 evaluation here [en, pdf].

I have written this article due to the transparency that I preach – do what I say and say what I do. Therefore, let’s take my accomplishments and failures in terms of the year 2012, in rapport with what I’ve assumed as a target in front of everyone. I have marked in red the failures and with green the successes. This is NOT the top of my strengths and weaknesses. This article follows the results of my goals in the order declared last year. This is part one – how I’ve developed my strengths.


1. Seriousness & reliability

People said about me in 2012: Professionalism, Seriousness, Maturity, Reliability, Correctness, Emotional self-control, Never complaining, Decisiveness, Independence in taking decisions, openness, honesty, niche, lots of info, Good specialist, preoccupied with things not on the first hand, built façade, Word-keeper, Able to help, Healthy habits (Church, self-incentive, hard-working, supporting a cause).

The problem is that this considered quality is not the 3rd in the people’s eyes, but the 6th thing they think about when they think about me. This is totally opposite to what I intended to obtain. This was one of the most important things for me for 2012 and I haven’t accomplished it.

Personal self-critic. I have abandoned some of my professional goals in 2012. How have I let down people in general in 2012?

I concentrated so much on writing for Discerne, my Romanian blog, and for, that I completely abandoned my English blogs: Analytic Vision and Debug Your Mind. This focus, at the same time, resulted in my winning two awards with Discerne. But, to my shame, I have not notified my readers that I’m going to take a long break.

I have announced that I was going to publish two books on negotiation and I have published just one. Basically, in 2012 I have published the revised edition of the e-book “Guide for the efficient learning” and my first professional printed book on business, “Persuasion’s Paths to Negotiation” [ro, blog]. So that’s 2 out of 3 editorial projects finished. In 2013, I plan to have published 3 publishing projects. March has ended and I haven’t finished any of them yet. We’ll see how I handle it.

I took a (too) long professional break-in consulting & training, first until April 2012 and from August to October 2012, while I’ve been working on the book.

I also talked to some people about my plans of continuing my post-graduate studies in the EU, but I have decided to postpone that opportunity for the moment. Still, last year I took from the faculties the original documents for the masters I graduated in 2011: the diploma, the supplement, the analytic program, the authenticity attestation. In 2013, I have translated all of them and apostilled them with the Hague Apostille. 2012 was the first year for a long period when I haven’t been a student anywhere anymore.


2. Detachment

My enthusiasm has dropped 1 place in the top of strong points, according to the average opinion of 26 people I have asked in 2012 to tell me 4+, 4- [en, blog]. I am generally overenthusiastic and I get involved in too many things and finish just some of them. Detachment is a quality that allows you to lean back and react in a balanced fashion, considering the bigger picture. I have succeeded that by taking the time to work on myself, to change some of the issues I was having. Detachment from my own emotions, from others’ opinions. For example, now I am in a period when I get myself involved in a lot of things and I strive for a little period of break-time, to take things into perspective. I learned to take breaks a little bit easier, which is useful, especially since I don’t want to fall into burnout or depression.


3. Faith

This strong point became more visible during 2012, probably also because of the fact that I’ve been writing pro-orthodoxy articles. Actually, my best and an oldest friend recommended that I should write a book on this topic because he thinks I write well about it. The fact is, this strong point went up from the 15th position (2011) in the top to the 9th (2012).

I think people consider this a quality even if they don’t share the same beliefs. Someone practicing a Christian confession is believed to have morality, therefore (s)he is more trustworthy. I do consider that some of my principles and rigorousness come from following and practicing orthodoxy.


4. Creativity



11th place in strengths

11th place in strengths

3.5 points

4 points

2 dissertation papers

2 books published

200+ articles published

125 + articles published

So, as you can observe in the table, although I have been more prolific in 2012, my peers actually considered me almost as much creative as in 2011. This is a blow for me because creativity is my life, it’s one thing that should define my activity as a marketer. More is not better, and this actually seems to be the case. Especially since 4 points is even lower than what I got for creativity in 2010 when it was in 13th place as strength. I have to admit that I haven’t come with ground-breaking ideas or discoveries in 2011 or 2012.

At the same time, I think people associate generally creativity with innovation, and this is not necessarily the case. I have a more pronounced correlative intelligence, rather than an innovative one. Considering I have made it a goal in 2012 to be more creative and I failed to do that, in the feedback of 32+ people, it’s certainly something to think about.


5. Organisation

I haven’t accomplished this goal – I will write about it more in the article about the weaknesses.


6. Expressiveness

The number of points received by this strength has more than doubled spectacularly, making expressiveness one of my top 3 strengths. People said about me in 2012: Assertiveness, negotiation, Efficient communication, excellent verbal expression, Diplomacy, Understanding, Offering good feedback, Relaxed presenting style, Good education, common sense, respect, Good man, Manners, goodwill, Nice guy, Write a lot, Easy to talk to, Nice looking, Sympathetic, Ability to have a dialogue.

So, even if I’m considered less creative in 2012 compared to 2011, I’m considered almost twice as expressive, which shows that I have seriously improved my communication abilities. I have also enriched and diversified my style of writing. This is one of the goals I really nailed in 2012. Nobody can tell me you can’t succeed in planning with precision to affect other people’s opinions.


7. Optimism

More people from those who gave me complete, relevant feedback, viewed me as an optimist in 2012, compared to 2011. Probably since I became more expressive, people could perceive me more coherently and one of my strengths is my optimism, even if its corresponding weakness is idealism, which is much more visible.


8. Concision

The attribute analysis, as a strength, fell from the 5th to the 7th position in 2012. The attribute overanalysis has also dropped its position (from 11 to 12) and points (from 6 to 5,5) at the top of weaknesses. I’ve been complimented for the results of my work with Persuasion’s Paths to Negotiation” [ro, blog]. I published the book in December 2012, so after completing the 360º evaluation. I’ve been commended for the fact it is a very concentrated book that synthesizes excellently thousands of pages of specialty books.

For me, to develop the ability to synthesize, next to my great analytic talent is very important. People expect me at my age to make some conclusions and not to keep analyzing alternatives.


9. Balance, calm

Although some people appreciated in me in 2010-2011 the balance, the calm, the objectivity, I confess of seeming to lose all of it in 2012. Actually, I was perceived as more in a rush than in 2011. My patience with me and with others seems to have run out in 2012. Unfortunately, people see me rather as agitated than peaceful.


10. Data & rights security

This is actually not so related to my personal branding or my personal development, but it is a declared interest. I have been continuing my activity in password-protecting all the documents I sent. I have kept on removing my writings from all unwanted places (e.g. materials written by me and published by others on Scribd without permission – including a draft of a book), I have registered my copyrights for all of the articles published in 2012. I have shared my work with fewer people.

I have participated in one security workshop.

I have kept on changing passwords to all my accounts and none of them got hijacked. I have been using a virtual keyboard when accessing sensitive accounts from wireless connections. I have installed protection software for wireless connection, I have disabled google tracking in Chrome. I have been using an encrypted partition for my work.

I haven’t had a file data loss since 2011. My maintenance of computers, both the central unit and the laptop, both software, and hardware, has spared me of any problems. I had my laptop cleaned from dust and I replaced its charger and battery.

I have been raising attention to the internet-rights as human rights [en, php] related issues by publishing posts on this topic and sharing initiatives such as


Other positive things I have accomplished in the area of my strengths, based solely on the 360º evaluation:

I was considered in 2012 50% more intelligent and 2 times more emotionally intelligent than in 2011, which is a radical and consistent improvement in my image.

People said about me in 2012:

  • Intelligence, Evolution, Competitiveness with self (perfectionism), Reasoning capacity, Self-taught, reading a lot, (thirst for) knowledge, Smartness, good memory, passion for study,
  • EQ (empathy + showing emotions), attention to others’ needs, good listener & confident, knowledge of people & questions, good advice, helpfulness, innocence, constructivism, will to do good, caring, a thesaurus of wisdom, offering, generosity, remembering the names of people, nice guy. Practically, this attribute has gone from the 8th position straight to the 4thposition in 2012.

I will continue with an article where I will share with you what I have accomplished in working with my weaknesses. So far, 70% success from what I proposed as a goal from 2012 for 2012.

Marcus Victor Grant

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, 2013-present

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