Smartphone Application Pitch – StartUp Now Netcamp 2012

I participated in the StartUp Now (NetCamp 2012)  workshop facilitated by Vlad Stan.

I worked with three other people in a team to develop a smartphone app. The team is called MMA – More Mobile Applications.

The app is called “the Driver’s application” – “aplicatia soferului” and targets professional drivers, which spend a lot of time on the road, driving on new routes, which would be interested in finding and avoiding problems in traffic and especially problems with the actual physical state of the road (i.e. holes, missing or misleading indicators, dangerous intersections, roads in construction).

This app is free.

Are you driving? Leave the road in security for everyone. Find out the most secure route! Do you want modern roads? The more drivers collaborate through this app, the safer the roads may be.


How does it work?

It is based on crowd-noticing. You find a problem? You mark it, based on your geolocation. For this, while driving, you need to have your smartphone attached to the carboard.

You find out about problems marked by others.

All signaled problems get to the public administration (the road administration, the regional councils, the mayor’s office, etc.), which have to fix them.

The press has access to this information in order to check how much or how many of them are actually solved.

If you stop, you can take a picture of the actual state of the road. The picture will be automatically uploaded.



Access in real-time on all problems in a certain area (the whole Romania covered – initially)

You save time that otherwise you would waste on misleading indicators.

You contribute to solving problems by indicating them.

In time, the authorities will solve these problems.



The public administration will have access by fee to the areas which are under their administration.

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Marcus Victor Grant

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