NetCamp 2012

NetCamp is one of the most important events about and for entrepreneurship online that has happened every year in Romania since 2007. I participated in the competition segment “Net Start-Up” in 2007 and 2009. The competition segment will be called “Start-Up Now!”.


This year, I prefer to be centered on the learning aspect from the conferences, which will be held at JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel right in Bucharest, near the Palace of Parliament. Therefore, I got an invitation from the event organizer, Cristian Manafu, and I will participate in some of the sections laid out here.

So, follow my blog on Thursday to get the feed of live blogging, which I plan to do for the event and at the event. You will be able to know what happens just as it happens… through my analytic vision.

This is not the first Evensys event I am doing live blogging from. I’ve also done it at Webstock 2010.

Why do I choose to participate in this event?

  • networking to find suppliers/customers;
  • get valuable experience from experts;
  • find out about new trends;
  • find possible collaborators;
  • say “hi” to a lot of people I know.

It only happens once a year. I do not always have time to participate in significant annual offline events online. But this time I’m glad I will be able to do it. So stay with me!

Marcus Victor Grant

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