My Educational Credits

Each educational university activity in European Union comprises of a certain fixed number of European Credits Transferable. This is used in order to equivalate in all the countries different specializations. Often times, it is important how many credits you’ve got in a certain field, in order for you to apply at another university in order to continue your studies.

Given the fact that I’ve been quite obsessed with gathering knowledge, I have a series of credits, which I sum up here for anyone to know:

240 credits from 5 years of study, BA (license/diploma/degree in communication and public relations, main State University of Iaşi, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”)

76 credits from different disciplines which I have studied optionally at the main State University of Iaşi: “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”

23 credits in psychology from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences from the main State University of Iaşi: “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, for the disciplines:

  • The Psychology of Advertising (6 credits)
  • Organizational Psychology (5 credits)
  • Work Psychology (5 credits)
  • The Psychology of the Economic Activity (7 credits)

Other Psychological credits, which only matter in Psychology:

  • The National Conference of Organizational Psychology, Timişoara, 2005 (5 credits)
  • The International Conference of Organizational Psychology, Bucureşti, 2005 (5 credits)

8-10 credits at the Faculty for Economy and Business Administration,  the main State University of Iaşi: “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” (disciplines studied with professor Prutianu: marketing research, negotiation and sales.

90 credits from the master of managerial communication and human resources, SNSPA Bucharest (National School of Political and Administrative Studies)

120 credits from the career consulting master program from The Polytechnic University of Bucharest

32 credits in Psychopedagogy, University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, which allow me to teach to undergraduates: logic, argumentation, rhetoric, psychology, economy and philosophy.

This adds up to an amount of at least 593 European Transferable Credits.

Now consider this: the normal amount of credits for one university year is 60 (standard, across European Union). The amount I reached is almost for 10 university years, considering I have been a student only for 7 actual years. I consider this a quite efficient result.



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