My Dream House

One of everyone’s fantasies is the dream house: if you would have a house, soothing your every single wish, how would you like it to be? I think this is a good question because it can tell a lot about you to the one who asks you.

I would like my home to be somewhere on a cliff, with a superb view over a sea or an ocean.

From the office room and from the living room, there would be a wall of the thick glass wall to admire the view.

My office room would have a huge transparent LCD display, something similar to what Tom Cruise was operating in Minority Report.

The house would be energetically independent, using alternative energies for producing electricity and heat.  I am thinking about solar panels + wind energy.

The office room would be the biggest and it would have desks on wheels so that they can be moved around with ease. This way, I can work with as many people as I want to in the room or by myself. In my office room, I would also have space for training 15-20 people. I would also have all the equipment for video transmissions through the internet & satellite. On the walls, all around there would be shelves up to the ceiling with books,  DVDs, and Blu-Rays.

My dorm room would have a bed inside a library, one which you then turn after using. Well, something better than this. Anyway, you get the concept.

Then, I would have creativity & strategy room, a place for all the breaks and the planning to take place, a colored well-designed place which would stimulate me, inspire me, with all sorts of things that I can put on the walls, move around, including graphics, tables, panels for colored notes, blackboard, posters and all sorts of things.

The kitchen should be big enough, with everything at two arms’ length, the space well used and with the table(s) which can be easily packed and unpacked, depending on the number of guests.

Additionally, if I will have a family, a room for my wife, and at least 2 rooms for the kids, with the space used in such a manner that if we have three kids, the 2 rooms can be transformed into 3 rooms. For the time the rooms are not used for this purpose, they can serve as a place of meeting for the kids.

As much as I like large open spaces, I also appreciate doors. So each room of the apartment would have its own door, preferably with a key.

The house would have 2 bathrooms. Both with shower and bathtub.

Now, that’s enough about the basics of the inside.

I would have the office room all in white. Nothing else.

As a decorating fountain for the inside, I would have something like a Bao interior fountain. The water wall is optimal for cleaning the air and offering a relaxing atmosphere. It attracts dust particles, ionizes the air, and evaporates a lot of water, which keeps the skin from drying.

For the living room, I would choose apparent rock, something along the lines of these. My favorite would be Alpin Color:

I would have a fireplace in the living room and one in the garden. Something like this. I’d love something like this.

By the way, for decor in the garden, I would also use an artesian well. Something like this.

For the flowers, I would use these pots.

Also in the garden, I would have a small kiosk. Not something as extravagant as this, but something similar:

I would use the cubic rock for paving. Cubic rock is a lot cheaper and more durable than other ways to create alleys in your garden.

For the dorm room, I would go for apparent brick, something pleasant and warm, like this:

For the room of the (potential) wife and the room for the kids/clients, I would get some wallpaper, like this, or like this. Get a picture here:

I’ve been invited to describe my dream house using the products of the “Rock Star Construct” company, which has quite a large range of products, almost everything for interior and exterior decorating, especially natural rock, which is being imported. The company has a showroom in Bucharest. On their Romanian website, you will find a lot of different types of products, which are well worth checking out.

They also have decorative plaster, in every color, you could ever wish. And they also have everything you could need, to take care of the natural rock.

What is your dream house?

Marcus Victor Grant

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, 2012-present

3 thoughts on “My Dream House

  1. I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thanks , I will try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your web site?


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