125 public posts on Analytic Vision

Today I am glad to announce my first blog has reached 125 posts, after celebrating 3 years this summer [ro, blog]. Actually, over time I wrote more than 150 posts, but I have especially chosen those which were the best to stay. You may access the list of the articles here [en, blog].

Being my first blog, it’s been a journey of developing myself. Writing an article on my blog is only half of the job. The other takes as much time, if not even more. I have to find the best title (oh, the art of setting great titles…), to post tags, to frame it in the right category, to add links, videos, photos and in some cases, bibliography. If an article is too big, I have to chunk it. It is important to know the right chunk.

Somehow, half of the success in blogging is determined by: tags, titles, links, emphasizing words by color or by bold. When having your own blog, you have to be your own editor. Write hot, edit cold is the golden rule. And then, one must have the courage to press “Delete” and “Move to trash” when the editing deems appropriate.

An important lesson I took was that people don’t really like reading about negative stuff on blogs. They can find that out in Romania by walking on the street, reading a paper or following news. My personal frustrations don’t have their place on my blog. Still, I kept some of them which I considered better written. Many people imagine that a blog is some sort of journal. It isn’t. People write in their journals for the public of only one: themselves. The term weblog is actually an illusion.

The category which has, of course, the most posts, is Analytic and Critic Vision over…, where I wrote about marketing, human resources, personal development, coaching and the psychology of personality, adding a Romanian perspective to all these.

And, as cinema is a great passion of mine, I have published more than 20 posts in the Film category. When I really feel passionate about something which holds inner quality, I feel the urge to share it with others. These are not the best I’ve seen or thought of these last 2 years, but only what I got to write about.

The Events / Meet me at… is the third most populated with workshops, training, meetings, fairs, contests and so on, where I participated, or which I organized, or where any interested person in Bucharest could get in touch with me.

The Art of Respecting Others section has grown from my decision to paraphrase Mircea Eliade (in what I consider to be a thought-provocative invitation for self-knowledge). It is now the place where you can find articles about what I consider to hyphen the human spirit.

I have also been preoccupied with social media, writing on how to have a great online presence, reviewing events and offering you tips, tricks and examples.

The category Debug Your Mind deals with sensitive issues of the reality, and things which open up your mind and thought about realities and the way things really work.

I also wrote something about some of the projects I worked on (a Film School for young people in Bucharest, a research on self-esteem, a classification of NLP’s metaprograms) and I shared some of my experience as a marketing, PR and HR consultant. I wrote about my enthusiasm, my accomplishments and my disappointments – the most important ones.

Since 2009, I have learned a lot of things, besides blogging (actually started doing consulting about it). I wish I had the time to write here more about it…  For any professional blogger (and I consider myself as such), there always is the dilemma: should I spend more time experiencing things, or writing about them? If so, I have always chosen to live more. Here, you cannot find my soul to download, but you can take a glance and have a look into my mind. I do not write for myself. I write for you, the reader, wherever you are. You may say I am a penurious writer and indeed I am.

125 posts in approx. 3 years (discounting periods of pause of full months) is not much of an online presence. But you know what? It is a quality blog. Here, you can find important lessons, for your business and for your life. There are important things here, among the lines, between the titles, which if you miss, you will be missing capital information, or lose a lot of time, before the experience, or life, makes you understand them.

It is also not a blog many people know of. Discretely discerning and disseminating what I write and how I write, I live in peace knowing for a fact this blog changed lives, and people’s vision. Just read some of the comments from the readers.

For some (not many), it was an inspiration towards progress. I am sorry I have not started my first blog in 2005 when I first heard of the “blog” concept. I have been afraid. Afraid of the responsibility of maintaining a blog – a standard to which I have not lived to. But more than anything, the Analytic Vision stands proof of my determination to write and my fight against the perfectionism. If I wouldn’t have overcome my high standards, I would have never started. ANYTHING WORTH DOING IN LIFE IS WORTH DOING LESS THAN PERFECT IN THE START UNTIL YOU LEARN.

Many live in fear of not expressing themselves. Many are anonymous on the web, not using the power of democracy, the power of impact others’ conscience and life through the power of words. This has been my battle, with myself. Trying to express more, with less. In the beginning, nobody cared. Now, I know I made a difference, from the analysis to the Debug Your Mind blog. From the titles to the references. From the links to the people. And on this occasion, this is my message:


Last year, I have started two new blogs, of which I took more care than Analytic Vision. They are really different. They are the way a blog is supposed to be: niched. Discerne is my only Romanian blog, although the past summer I have started to publish on the Romanian cultural blog Filme şi carti – you can access the list of articles published here [ro, blog]. It has just celebrated 1 hear and a half [en, blog] some weeks ago.

On Discerne I write about professional and organizational development and sometimes on personal development and research. Its mission is to offer to Romanians interested in these things useful tips and more understanding, practical pieces of information they can use to be better at what they do. I have long waited to use an opportunity like this and I am happy with what I have managed to write and to publish.

Debug Your Mind is the younger child of Analytic Vision. The original category Debug Your Mind on this blog was split in half: almost 10 articles originally posted on this blog have been moved to the new blog. I consider my mission for Debug Your Mind as a responsibility to the world, to increase public awareness on subjects like:

  • how the lobby works against the US people;
  • strategies for civilization manipulation, mass control, geopolitical agendas, and history falsification;
  • the effects of dictatorship, fascism and war on the human psychic;
  • history of corporate and government development;
  • the war on healthy alimentation;
  • criminal corporate agendas and financial crisis explanations.

Follow my blogs, read my articles and study my recommendations. I cannot stretch it enough.

They might just influence your thinking for the better.


2 thoughts on “125 public posts on Analytic Vision

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