Happy Birthday, Ticu Constantin!

Today I want to write about an extraordinary person who inspired me a lot. His name is Ticu Constantin. He is an academic teacher (conf. dr.) at the Psychology and Education Sciences in Iaşi, and I have learned from some of his experience and sharing many things I consider my professional basis as an HR Consultant.

I guess I couldn’t call him a mentor; I consider other students have been truly honored to get that benefit just by staying next to him.

Although I wasn’t a student in the Psychology section (I graduated in Communication and PR), since I discovered him in 2005, I went to almost each of his classes. Or training. Or seminars. Wherever he taught, I just had to be there.

What I and not only, have deeply admired about him is the passion with which he involves himself in his work, his LOVE for research, his brilliant skills in training students from scrap how to scientifically build evaluation tests through hard work, team-building, and perseverance, the generosity of sharing (time, books, documentation, knowledge). His door was always open for a student with a project. He never got bored or sent somebody away. He is always heartwarming and witty, down to earth, but faithful. If you want to contact him, you may write to him at tconst [at] uaic [dot] com or if you have a company. You need evaluation or training (you might be surprised how many of today’s generations of Bucharest’s HR specialists have graduated from him in the last 10 years) or if you’re a student. You just want to ask a question or get feedback.

How I got to meet him is yet another exciting story. On a Friday afternoon, I just had a fight with a friend of mine. On my way to get some water to drink, I just wanted to check some information on the news panel for students from the D building (where Communication and PR have some classes, as do the Psychology students). I noticed a room with a poster on it, and it said “Autobiographical and Social Memory” – a project financed through a European Project… it was happening… then. So I said to myself: “Hmmm, that’s interesting. What else do I have scheduled for today? Nevermind!”. And I got in. The rest is history. I never got out until I left Iaşi in 2008.

In the following weeks, I went to him with my first research projects, which have turned into complete disasters, but from which I have learned so much! He encourages the students to learn from their mistakes and not be afraid of them. He was unlike the great majority of teachers. He was modest and available as a teacher who wanted to transmit something.

He is also a brilliant marketer. From him, I have learned how the psychology of the consumer works. His courses have been more practical and valuable than most of the training I have seen for astronomic figures in Bucharest. It was unbelievable how much I could learn for such a bargain!

He showed me the deep correlations between psychology and marketing and confirmed that one cannot truly work in one field without working in the other.

I learned from him some of the steps of building an advanced research tool to be used for organizational purposes. He insisted on the standards of using personality profiling as a useful tool, and he imposed a development program called for all students that wanted to participate in creating such devices, called E-Team, which I think was the best initiative I have witnessed in all the years I have studied at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” faculty. It started with just about 20 students (I think), a small room, and a Xerox machine. And is now one of Romania’s best Human Resources Schools and Research Centers. Right in the center of Iaşi.

He is living proof you can transform the environment with creativity leading to others’ enthusiasm.

Today is his birthday. Happy birthday, Mr. Constantin!

FotoTicu 3

Marcus Victor Grant

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