One Year and a Half of Discernment

Yesterday, my Romanian blog Discerne celebrated 1 year and 6 months of existence. Therefore, I wonder how this moment will influence the communication I have with my readers. First of all, the fall is a good season to gain the attention of everyone, after a long summer, which, I hope, allowed everyone to relax, more or little.

I am happy to find out people who visited my blog came across it googling for specific keywords I used in titles and tags, not to mention that you find my blog looking after “Discerne” on google, on the first page of results.

It’s a real proof for me that:

1. I know PR online for SEM purposes

2. There are people who really  need articles like those I write about

Adding to one another, almost 200 posts in a year and a half are quite some work. You may find the full list of Romanian articles here.

Of course, my readers may argue that in the previous year I have kind of abandoned Analytic Vision – and part of that is due to the fact that blogging so much on Discerne, I didn’t have enough time to write so many analytic articles, as I used to, for example, in the fall of 2009-summer of 2010.

But one thing I can say for sure is that Discerne is a much more niche blog than Analytic Vision, which is a high praise for a Romanian blog, as most Romanian bloggers rather prefer to have generalistic blogs, where they write about all in general and nothing in particular.

The need for expression comes, therefore, for most, as a compensation for not being listened in the real life and getting a virtual audience for who they are, not for the use of what they write.

I am very thankful that I learned BEFORE doing blogging that other people don’t care as much about me as they care about themselves – and that is no reason for frustration, it’s only the way it is. As you may have observe, the Analytic Vision readers appreciate mostly the content.

Ştefan Alexandrescu, the individual, falls on the second place. You read my blogs because it’s interesting for you and because you like the way I write – I have a very professional style of writing (no matter what the subject is) and quality always attracts. In the end, it’s not what you write that matters so much, but how you write about it *read more about it in this article: It’s not WHAT You Write, it’s HOW You Write).

For the moment, my main blog (the oldest, the one with most articles published – over 200, out of which about 120 kept) remains Analytic Vision, but I don’t write on it for Romanians, but rather more for my mission as a Romanian to create a branding for my people, through my own lenses. Discerne is my blog for Romanians. Discerne is my work as a better blogger. Doing my “blogging school” with Analytic Vision, which has more than 3 years, I have managed to create a better blog, in Romanian.

But it’s not read only in Romania, but also, only in the previous 6 months, more than 100 views were accessed from each of these countries:

  • Moldova
  • The United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • The United States
  • France

Its mission is to provide the necessary and useful information for development: for individuals (may they be independent consultants, entrepreneurs, psychologists or managers) and for organizations (the marketing, PR and HR functions) in order for them to take the best decisions from the palette of options which lie ahead of the future.

My wish for you, my reader, is to apply what you read from me, in creating for yourself and for the others, a better life, more quality, and fulfillment in your work, and to grow personally and professionally.

Thank you for reading me.


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