Analytic Vision’s Top 10 of Best Fiction Features at Cinema in 2011

I have made a selection of the best 10 feature fiction films I have seen in 2011 from those which could have been seen in the public theaters of Bucharest from January 1 to December 31. I present you the trailer and a few comments about why I considered it among the best.

Later edit: Somehow, this post got stuck as “private” in January. I haven’t noticed that until now. Sorry for the delay.

1. Hanna 

A wonderfully original thriller made in awry European fashion by an American director. I consider it on a par with Leon and La Femme Nikita. It is also a strong warning about the future of Gattaca-like technology possibilities, at its inception by CIA. Saoirse Ronan delivers here arguably her best performance on the screen, at least in a leading role. All looks and feels fresh. A must see!



2. Drive

Ryan Gosling’s mesmerizing performance of the internationally multi-awarded and acclaimed picture is hardly the film’s single peak. All the performances are great. The 80′ s atmosphere of this neo-noir is enhanced by the brilliant soundtrack (which owes more to music supervision than to original score). The script is great and the feel is unique. Must be seen on big screen.


3. The Adventures of Tintin

Simply, the greatest animated production ever made in the film history. It was bashed from the Oscars on the pretense that it has been modeled after live action performances. Spielberg’s last year’s effort duly explains to us why we haven’t seen a film from director Spielberg since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull (2008). This is the ultimate total adventure film feature. It surpasses, in my opinion, everything that has ever been done both in adventures genre and in the animations genre. It challenges your sense of reality, surpasses any imagination and throws you into a rollercoaster for which the cinema was invented as a spectacle, not forgetting to deliver a message for every age. To be seen in IMAX 3D or at least 3D.


4. The King’s Speech

Easily one of the best made movies about coaching, ever! Maturely written, brilliantly acted, and technically gorgeous, the best film from 2010 in the vision of the Academy Award, it is a story of a man who finds the power to confront himself while in the middle of a World War to begin. A movie to be seen by all consultants and coaches.


5. True Grit

A great story about the coming of age of a young woman in search of her father’s killer. A movie about courage and honor.


6. Isolerad / Corridor

A brilliant, Hitchcockian thriller which brings you a lot of surprises. Excellently scripted and beautifully filmed.


 7. Scream 4

One of the most brilliant slasher movies ever comes again rebooted by suspense master Wes Craven. A real treat for fans. And, as usual, it comes with slick messages.


8. Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman makes a wonderful portrait of a woman in sorrow after her child died. A beautiful psychodrama, which takes a very meaningful approach on the subject.


9. Medalia de onoare

A great portrait of an old Romanian veteran, which after the Revolution finds his only joy in the medal he is decorated with by the Romanian president.


10. Hævnen / Revenge

The Oscar-winning Danish production brings forward a microcosm of violence and reprehension, creating a memorable discourse for the viewer.



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