Happy New Year of Your Life!

Not so many people think nowadays that the 1st of September is also the beginning of a new Church year. It is considered, based on the Old Law of the Old Testament, that this is the date that the world has been created by God and also the date Jesus Christ started His activity. All the Orthodox Christians and all the Jews start the new year on the 1st of September (Tsiri, in Jewish).  Also, in this month, it is considered that Moses got down from mount Sinai  with the ten commandments and in September, Moses’ ark was left by the waters of the Flood on mount Ararat. Also in this month, Solomon’s church (it was raised by him) has been benedicted and it has received the Ark of the Covernant. Also, today, the Orthodox Church charishes Saint Dionisie Exiguus, the one who reformed the Roman calendar and divided the time in ante-Christum (BC) and post-Christum (AC), thereby having a year of reference the birth year of Christ. This date has been established as the beginning of the Church Year at the first Council of Niceea, in 325.

In the corporate world, it is the month when all begins again after a long and lazy summer. The next three months will be full of activity, enthusiasm and anxiety, especially on the financial trading markets. Expect a lot of events to happen one after the other really fast.

It’s great that today it’s Saturday, since we all might have some extra-time to reflect and analyze what have done in the past summer or even since  September 1, 2011.

Besides all that, I have two reasons more to celebrate on this particular day, as two of my best friends celebrate their birthday today. Therefore, I will take some time to write a little bit about each of them.

Both are young entrepreneurs, between 25-30, which have started earning money through their own independent work in the past year. Congratulations! I am always happy and glad to know that some of my friends have succeeded in the marking the first cornerstones of their financial independence as successful business persons. While it may require a lot of resources and sacrifices, I have always considered freelancing and entrepreneurship as a positive development from the status of employee. It’s a shift in thinking, because it requires you to think strategically.

Let’s take a closer to look to each of them.

Dan Gornicioiu.

We know each other since 1988 and we have been friends since 1999. He is my oldest and best friend (oldest, not the eldest). Our communication has remained so strong that even when I moved in another neighbourhood, another city, or another country, we have still remained best friends.

Dan is a stomatologist. He works daylight at his own medical cabinet in Iaşi, Romania. He previously worked for several years as a medical sales representative for various pharmaceutical companies. This year, he has asked my friendly advice for prioritizing his life objectives and has finally decided as an urgent goal being a freelancer in one of European Union’s largest 100 cities (by population), which is quite a performance challenge.

What I most appreciate about Dan is his moral  and religious values, his conscience of doing the right thing, no matter how hard it is or how long does it take. He is an energy-driven happy man, thorough worker and a very aware human being, who doesn’t need his mind to be debugged [en, blog]. As an action man, Dan likes to share his preoccupation and knowledges with other people, so I strongly advice you to check his Facebook profile [ro, FB]

I have mentioned about Dan in my blogs here [ro, blog] and here [en, blog]

I wish him a lot of satisfied clients, recommending others as well. I also wish him to keep his patience, calm and coolness. If you are in Iasi and need a dentist, I strongly recommend him. You may contact him at his public official address, dan [dot] gornicioiu [at] facebook [dot] com. Happy birthday, Dan! I strongly think this following year is one of the most important in your life!

Irina Iliescu [en, htm].

We know each other since 2007, when she responded very positive to some of my articles on self-esteem I was then publishing on the Romanian blog DaMaiDeparte [ro, blog] and we became friends in the spring of 2010. I highly appreciate her for the great positive energy she has, the strategy-oriented mind and the ease of communicating to everyone.

Irina Iliescu is both an entrepreneur and an employee. As a creative lawyer, she has been working for the previous 4 years at Dragomir şi asociaţii, a Bucharest law firm, where she specialized in juridical consultancy.

Last year, Irina started her main entrepreneurial project, ProfiMeter [ro, php]. The “Easy Startup” [ro, blog] business is based on a software tool available online, for entrepreneurs who want to calculate the expected profitability of their business, making it a great tool for business plans and financial budgets. It has received in 2012 the award for best services company, at the Hall of Fame Gallery organized by Junior Achievement Romania within the Start Business BCR [ro, php] contest. More about Junior Achievement competitions here [en, php]. This project has also participated at different entrepreneurial events from Romania, such as NetCamp 2011 [ro, php], Founders Dating @Bucharest Hubb [ro, FB], Startup Weekend Cluj [en, php], Entrepreneurs Mix Cocktail [ro, blog], idea Exchange [ro, php].

Aside from these main professional activities, she is also working on launching two websites dedicated to business people: legalway.ro [ro, form] and MarmoAd [ro, form]. Legal Way will be a site for professional legal advices. MarmoAd will be a Easy, Fast, Efficient and Trustable way to buy and sell ad space. Advertisers will find in a fast manner new efficient ad channels for their business. People will easily earn money by providing ad space with minimum effort.The e-mail address for MarmoAd is contact [at] marmoad [dot] com. If you are interested in selling ad space on your personal blog, trhough a contract for online advertising, take a look here [ro, blog] for some practical advice.

I wish Irina happy birthday and may her career as an entrepreneur be long-standing and transform into an investor perspective over time. I also wish her to discover new creative ideas of inspiring the best in all people.

And to all of you reading this article, a happy new year of your life! May we all hear of wonderful things accomplished til September 1, 2013!

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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year of Your Life!

  1. I have recently started a web site, the info you provide on this blog helped me tremendously. Thanks for all of your time & work. “There can be no real freedom without the freedom to fail.” by Erich Fromm.


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