The Art of Respecting Others, by Marcus Victor Grant

This is the original series of 11 articles that make up the paraphrase of Mircea Eliade’s work from the ’30s. It is titled the same way as the broader tag: The Art of Respecting Others (30 articles)


The Art of Respecting Message

Actually Living Communication. Between investing and spending.

The Modern Buttons of the Digital People

“Soul” File is Write-Protected. Are You Sure You Want to Delete It?

Across-Messages Communication

The Art of Listening Others. Version 2.1.

Transcending Patterns of Communication

The Windmills of Your Mind

Less is more. Until it becomes nothing.

Photo-Reading People

“The Art of Personal Branding”, or Sometimes, a “pen” is Just a pen. But Sometimes It Isn’t.


If you’ve liked these articles, please also consider the subcategories “self-respect & dignity” and “respect for others” on this blog.

Marcus Victor Grant

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One thought on “The Art of Respecting Others, by Marcus Victor Grant

  1. Respecting others’ opinions is part of a larger attitude of respect — respect for the whole person that we are expected to develop as we grow up. Respect for opinions is not an easy art at all. It requires self-esteem, self-control, sensitivity, tolerance, fairness, and generosity. And it applies both to stated opinions and to opinions that are unspoken.


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