Universal Adaptor

I have had my share of traveling throughout Western Europe. I have traveled in a car, coach (bus), plane, train. And I can tell you: when you know you have hours of waiting during transportation, it’s not like you can afford to lose them by not using that time in a productive manner. I know that. I’m a busy person. I always have something to do.

Most times, but especially when I’m traveling, I have my laptop on me, and fortunately, most trains and even some coaches offer you the possibility to plug in your laptop/phone or any other electronic device you might have and just work for hours without consuming or running out of battery. The only thing is, as you know if you’ve traveled around, that in different countries, they have different systems of sockets. So, it’s kinda embarrassing to have a socket near you and not being able to use it simply because you forgot (or didn’t realize) that, for example, in Germany, they have mostly different sockets from those in Italy.

Not to mention when you’re going to an international conference and you realize that you can’t work with your laptop because you don’t have an adaptor for the kind of sockets which are offered in that specific space. You can really waste powerful opportunities not minding details like this.

So, in order to get rid of this worry, what I recommend you is to buy a universal adaptor. I found one you can buy [ro, php] at a reasonable price from  www.altex.ro [ro, php], with no acquisition risk from your part, because they have the warranty service of 2 times the difference (as a value voucher) if you find the product in another part, cheaper.

This universal adaptor [ro, php] has 2 pins and 3 pins; schuko shteker; 10/16 Ampers; also works with the alternative power of 250 Volts; Power: 3500 Watts; a double system of earthing and protection for kids.
You’d better get a few of them for your whole family – it’s a very practical and affordable gift.


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