Why Use a LED Flashlight?

As I was writing yesterday about tools for life in the wilderness [en, blog], I want to make an important observation on one piece of equipment you will totally need when you’re going to a trip, and that is a flashlight/lantern with LED.

Now I really want to explain something very important about LED technology  [en, wiki]. There are several advantageous points of view to consider picking a LED flashlight, even more than a regular lightbulb flashlight.

First of all, the fascicle is more concentrated. The LED technology was specifically designed, initially, to be the best use in laboratories and places where light with high intensity can take attention. A light fascicle from a LED source has the ray effect in the dark like cutting the air with a knife; it’s very precise and very strong. Just compare an old-type flashlight and a LED flashlight and you’ll see the difference.

Another advantage is they don’t generate as much heat as other similar products. Though, that is very much dependent on the thermal management of the LEDs. If you de-assemble a LED lantern, you will see it has a heat sink. The heat sink can deal with the amount of temperature generated by the light producing source through either conduction, convection or radiation. That translates into the following challenge: the material, the shape, the surface finish and the mounting method all make a great deal of difference in efficiency. I liked especially the Phillips lanterns because they make use of good materials and ingenious heat sink design.

Another big advantage of using a LED flashlight is the fact that you get instant full light. You get full brightness immediately when you switch on the light. This is also technically related to the fact that it has a longer lifespan: the LED lights last longer than regular lantern bulbs. It is actually designed for a lifetime of 100.000 hours! Can you imagine that?

And, to make it again totally independent, it runs on AAA batteries, which means you don’t have to waste your money on alkaline batteries, you just buy a charger and 4 accumulators and you can go to vacation without a worry.

I especially recommend this Philips flashlight [ro, php], because it’s accessible and you do your job with it. It comes with a 2-year guarantee and it can light up to 25 meters! You can buy it from www.altex.ro [ro, php], with no acquisition risk from your part, because they have the warranty service of 2 times the difference (as a value voucher) if you find the product in another part, cheaper.


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