Recycle for Your Tomorrow

“It is with great ease that we recognize other people’s dirt rather than hearing someone else talking about our own dirt.”

(author unknown)

I was talking to a friend a while ago, and he told me that, in his opinion, Romania should get a whole new restoring point, maybe after a massive earthquake or a similar cataclysmic event, that would allow it to start from scratch, just like Japan did after the Second World War. It is not the first Romanian I heard that from. There seems to be a deep-rooted desire in the Romanians to trash or burn and start using the ashes of it to create a new cycle. One could even say it’s o wonder the New Age has had such a big success in Romania in general and in Bucharest especially. However, some might confound it with personal development [en, blog].

What got my attention about this tendency some Romanians (and not only them, of course!) have was the fact that, interestingly enough, the psychological need was addressing something outside, something external to oneself, an external locus of control [en, wiki]. My, my! Not something internal, but external… It looks similar to what Constantin Radulescu Motru wrote about 100 years ago in “Psihologia poporului roman” [ro, scribd]. To add, I mention that Romania has a very interesting development recycling policy. Attractive is the fact that it’s practically almost invisible. I wonder how the lack of capacity to recycle their own trash might have influenced the desire of some Romanians to crash things and make them better (sometimes, without even being broken!).

Anyhow, a signal I dearly enjoyed, and I most certainly want to share with you, is the selective collecting campaign of garbage, at least in many important cities of Romania [ro, php], which is going on until this Saturday. Congratulations for the project manager at [ro, php] ! The team has joined a most respected Romanian crowdsourcing blovertising company [ro, blog]. Bring at least 10 recyclable packages to any collection centers [map] during the announced schedule (check the links for information). You will receive a scratchcard [en, wiki] which will allow you to participate in the contest to win a Ford Ka [en, wiki] if you insert the tickets on the website [ro, php]. Supplementary, if your scratch-ticket is said “winner”, you can win a pen out of the recycled carton, a beach ball, a frisbee, refrigerator magnets, etc. Nice way to promote recycling! I sure hope at least some of you will make time to identify where the green, yellow and blue recycle bins are and use them. Fortunately, this works also in my sector in Bucharest. Anyway, the initiative is worth promoting.

I have also always recommended the Freecycle Network [en, php] initiative, especially its Bucharest yahoo group [ro], where you can get rid of a lot of helpful stuff, from toys to whole house furniture. Great way to contribute to our planet’s ecological future without entering the Global Warming Hoax [en, video, blog]!

I remember a joke Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP) made in a public training I watched on video that goes like this:

“I said to my son:

– Did you clean your room?

– No.

– Fine. Then let’s get all the trash from the house there!

So I did. I brought all the trash from the kitchen and the rest of the house to his room. It took him 7 months to notice it!”.

Now, enough about trash recycling. My intuition says that after having more places to successfully recycle everything outside of you, the psychological need I was referring to at the beginning of the article will remain. So, let’s talk about your internal problems that are worth recycling.

These days, a lot of people are underpaid. Underpaid, considering the work’s actual value, experience, expectations, etc. At the same time, “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” (Will Rogers). It’s hard to determine your value, especially since many people try to do things by numbers. I have a metaphor [ro, blog] for those who feel a little down. Of course, it’s important to offer yourself time to be sad [en, blog], recognize what you’ve lost, forgive [en, blog], and forget, but mostly TO MOVE ON!

To recycle, as the word comes from re+cycle. Etymologically, the English word “cycle” comes from the identical word in French, which comes from Latin (“cycles”), which is derived from Old Greek “κύκλος”. The meaning’s essence of “recycling” is to, in some manner, return a discarded item into something usable to integrate it again in a natural cycle. In addition, “to collect” also comes from the Latin, “colecta” (to collect money) and in Late Latin [en, wiki], a “meeting”, “assemblage”, in Medieval Latin [en, wiki], feminine of collectus, past participle of colligere, conligere (“to gather together, collect, consider, conclude, infer”), from com- (“together”) + legere (“to gather”).

Many of us have received certain particular gifts, talents, and abilities. Some of us might not have used them. Others might have used them partially or maybe even improperly. Each of us has invested his/her talents in jobs, projects, relationships, and education, which don’t/diddon’t work. Instead of using them as a means to an end, we have used them as an end to our means. But, given that you are still alive and well enough to read this blog post, here are some rash premises to recycle yourself…

1. STOP doing whatever you’re doing.

2. Put the glass down! [en, blog] Even a simple drink for drinking can paralyze you if you keep it up all day. So put your problems on paper and get them out of your head!

3. Remember what and who matters to you! Sometimes we forget. [ro, blog]

4. Gather yourself from all the contexts [ro, blog] and pieces and concentrate on your mission [en, blog]. If you don’t know what a task is really about, read this book [en, php]

5. Sort OUT your life [en, blog]

6. Forget about positive thinking [ro, blog]. Find how to use critical thinking without berating yourself or others [en, blog]

7. Find what your actual resources are – nobody can teach you that, although a coach might support you [en, blog]

8. Figure out the best environments [ro, blog] to re-use the resources you left yourself with.

9. Transform yourself, reinvent yourself in a new environment, using your God-given talents for your mission to benefit others. This is the easiest to write and the hardest to apply [en, blog]. Later edit: After reading this article, a friend of mine coined this idea: “If you don’t reinvent yourself today, somebody will recycle you tomorrow, except – you’re not going to be the one who benefits!”.

10. Remember, you are always worth more than what you’re made of. Keep in mind, recycle all the time! Be everything you can be and more [ro, blog]!

In the end, I just want to share a small motivational video to watch until the end.

Marcus Victor Grant

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