Top 10 Yahoo Groups on Professional Development in Romania

Yahoo Groups definitely represent a channel for communication. So this article is intended as a tool for marketers in order to promote the services, events and products of companies in this field!

Attention! It is NOT about personal development, nor it is about spiritual development. I have already written here on the distinction between them.

At a search about “dezvoltare profesionala” in group descriptions, Sunday, January 29, 2012, Yahoo Groups returned the following results, by a number of members:

1. RomStudyAbroad  10091 members Target: Romanian students searching for educational and professional opportunities in countries outside Romania; student general group; membership by request & permission; created 9 years ago

Official description: disseminates information about scholarships, study programs, conferences, summer and winter schools, etc. It welcomes discussions about participation in such events, the daily life of Romanian students abroad, academic programs at all levels of study, and application procedures. We also publish announcements about (academic) jobs in Romania to facilitate the integration of those with foreign credentials back home, as well as selected job vacancies abroad. [Romstudyabroad] targets Romanians who wish to further their professional development and are eager to share information with their peers.

2. ContaCafe_Club 4657 members Target: Romanian accountants; focused group; membership by request & permission; official web 1.0 forum: http://www.contacafe.ro (the portal of all accountants in Romania). Created 4 years ago.

3. ContabilExpertClub 1288 members.  Target: Romanian accountants. Same description as above. It has less activity than Conta Cafe Club; focused group; membership by request & permission; (the portal of all accountants in Romania). Created 3 years ago.

4. AIESEC_opportunities 1210 members. Target: Romanian students searching for educational and professional opportunities in countries especially outside Romania; student general group; Belongs to AIESEC Romania, . Created 6 years ago

5. CareerKIT 883 members. Sub-community of JobMate (see below). It started with the participants at the Career Kit training developed by Job Mate in Bucharest; Brief description; Reduced activity. Created 9 months ago.

6. microclub 524 members. Target: Students from the Automatics & Computers Faculties passioned about microcontrollers; Focus: job opportunities and training for microcontroller-specializing students;  membership by request & permission; Initiative started by a community of students from The Polytechnical University in Bucharest; student specific group; Official blog: Created 6 years ago.

7. consultant_fiscal 365 members. Target: Romanian accountants; focused group; (the portal of all accountants in Romania). created 1 year ago.

8. AMiCUSiasi 360 members. AMiCUS is an international students’ association, which has in Romania branches in 10 cities. Target: Students. Focus: promoting humanitarian projects,  Volunteering and association’s projects & events; student general group; membership by request & permission; Owned by Student Association AMiCUS, the Iasi branch. Created 6 years ago.

9. Socrates-UAIC 332 members. Target: Students from the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iasi (one of the best universities in Romania); student general group; membership by request & permission; Created 7 years ago.

10. Dezvoltare Profesionala 312 members. Target: Young professionals. Focus: Promoting training & formations strictly in professional development; membership by request & permission; owned by Ştefan Alexandrescu Created 4 years ago.



Groups which would have been qualified to enter in the top, but which have been excluded on the ground that you cannot post any messages on them – they are either closed or support only one-to-many communication:

JobMate 5256 members. Target: Romanian students interest in Career Opportunities, Conferences and Professional Development opportunities in Romania and abroad; student general group; Owned by JobMate. Online web 1.0 forum: You cannot post messages on this group, it is merely a newsletter; In the good days, it was coordinated with (now a dead project)

Human Design 875 members. Target: people interested in professional development, talking about diverse topics; Owned by Ionuţ Ciurea, who later developed the no. 1 portal in Romania on professional & personal development,

Corporate Over Night 678 members. Target: advertising people. Topics: training, professional development events;  membership by request & permission; Only moderators can publish on this group.

Analysing the top 10, we notice there are 4 students’ groups, 4 niched groups (3 for accountants, 1 for Microcontrolling) and 2 general groups on professional & career opportunities. The first group has over 32 times more members than the last one. The newest group has 9 months, the oldest 9 years. There is no group in top 10 which has between 5000 and 10000 members. I consider it very interesting the fact that among these there is no psychology and no coaching groups.

If you know other Romanian groups for professional development, please post a comment with link. Thank you.


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