My 4th Year in Blogging

2012 is my 4th year of blogging.

So I decided to make a retrospective of my writing experience, throughout my whole life. I will share the story I haven’t told to anyone – now public, on my blog, for the first time.

When I was about 10, three great things happened:

1. I received a typewriter (it was quite old, from before WWII), my first professional typewriting instrument, years before meeting the PC.

2. I have written my first poetry – a silly thing about the moon, inspired by Eminescu‘s poems [en, wiki].

3. My first business idea ever: to open a publishing house. :)

Good for my mother, to help me analyse the business idea. My enthusiasm got stuck. Not the same thing was with poetry, as I persevered, although my poetry was awful – at least for the few couple of years. In high school, when I was 17, I published my first poetry and I’ve written quite some good ones – of course, in high school I was quite different than how I am today. As for the typewriter, err… some few years later, I was convinced to throw it away, as it became broken beyond repair – now you can imagine how much I typed to get there…

Contrary to what kids do at that age, I started writing at about 10. And since then, I have never stopped. I started writing first notebooks then cahiers, then dossiers, hundreds, then thousands of pages, of… film analysis and storytelling from actual films I saw either on TV or at the cinemas. I also wrote short stories.

No wonder my first job ever was “film critic”, in 2001, at a B24fun-sort-of glossy weekly avant-la-lettre. A month later after being hired, I was promoted to cultural editor. That’s how I started my work here and there in editing and writing small articles in the local press.

That wasn’t all. Being totally passioned by the physics of relativity, quantum physics and cosmogony, I started writing scientific white papers, which brought me some local and national awards for general skills in physics, observational spirit & perspicacity and logical thinking. In the end, I published them all in 2005 in my first and only printed published book, about the origin of the Universe. Anyway… That was just a hobby.

In 2004, I did a little bit of translation.  I worked for the translation in Romanian of Encyclopedia Britannica. Not much at all. Just enough to determine I don’t pretty much like that.

Between 2004-2006, I was member of a literary circle of critic, Quasar, in which I learned how to write better, through constructive critic and supportive feed-back from the participants

In 2005, I received at a National Psychology Conference the award for the best original work in psychology. Also, my first marketing research was awarded 1st prize in a students’ contest awarded by teachers from the Business Management and Economy Faculty (which was quite unusual, as I wasn’t a student to that faculty). Also, then I presented an innovative method for strategic analysis at the National Fair of Psychology and at the Organizational Psychology National Conference and I published my first work in “Psihologia Azi” [ro, php].

Encouraged by that success, in 2006, I have written a book called “The Education in Romania, between development and dressage” and I proudly presented it to some qualified people. It was too biased and unstructured, so much so that I understood I did not have the ability to write a complex book at that time – the book about the Universe was not the project of a book per se, but the merge of a few white papers which were already appreciated. Also, my first try to write articles on personal development did not succeed, as psychology white papers & research weren’t the same with personal development.

In 2007, I have started my career as a blogger – on a Romanian website which was then no. 1 in online personal development [ro, blog]. I have written around three dozen of articles which have been published on that website, on persuasion and negotiation, self-esteem and personal development. I even won a prize for best article in personal development. That was a very useful school of online publishing for me. Also in 2007, I started my first YahooGroup, which now is the largest non-student group on professional development from Romania. The exercise of creating and moderating a community, done in the same time with getting my articles published was certainly helped by my experience as a copywriter – my first customer, in consulting in the summer of 2005, was for copywriting. I learned how to develop different styles of writing, how to express complex ideas and how to support hundreds of people to develop personally – which was quite an interesting perspective.

In 2008, I self-published an extended, re-edited version of a multimedia CD for efficient learning – including an e-book written by me, on speed reading and memory techniques. That was a real success.


2009 was my first year of blogging.

After a discussion with Andrei Roşca [ro, blog], I decided it was time for me to have my blog, in the end. It was quite late not to have a blog, as a blog required a lot of responsibility, and I kinda postponed it, year after year. My first blog post was Impressions from the GalerIAA Opening [en, blog], the coverage of a cultural event organized by the International Advertising Association in Bucharest.

After a few events, there I was, little me with my tiny blog. Of course, the blog was intended – and served, after all, its intention – as a critical analysis tool on business, marketing, public relations, human resources and personal development. So my articles started getting better and better. I had quite an enthusiast in my experience, but in the same time, I was also a bit unsure of myself – and I had why. Some of the articles written in the first whole year of blogging I decided to delete, as I considered them not that great.


2010 was the year of confirmation

Although I had quite some things to learn about myself in the style, rhythm, topics and even in my “writer’s blocks”, I started to receive some appreciation in 2010: some of my articles were re-published by others, other people inspired by me have made their own blogs, statistics went up, I’ve written more. In 2010 I was proud to call myself a true blogger!

Still, since October 2011, I took a biiiig pause, while I moved to Belgium – which is unfortunate. I still remember, while I was there, lots of articles came into my head, and I was writing them in my mind, only to be frustrated I did not make enough time to publish any of thoughts.


2011 – three years, three blogs

Returned to Bucharest in the spring of 2011, I started to blog again, but not only on Analytic Vision, but moving my attention to two other new blogs: Debug Your Mind [en, blog], which I started in the summer of 2011, and Discerne [ro, blog], which I started in spring 2011. To oppose the generalistic, un-focused perspective from my personal blog, Analytic Vision, these two blogs are more concentrated: On “Discerne” (which means discernment), I write about professional & organizational development in Romanian, and on “Debug Your Mind”, about documentaries and docudramas I recommend, to better understand geopolitically and economically the present times.

In the same time, I kept my activity on Analytic Vision: 41 posts in 2011 – more than 2010 (38) and twice as much as in 2009 (20).

For the moment, my main blog remains Analytic Vision [en, blog], but I don’t write on it only for Romanians, but rather more as an expression of my own perspectives to anyone who is interested in following me – either using RSS, Twitter or e-mail. Discerne [ro, blog] is my blog for Romanians. Discerne is my work as a better blogger. Doing my “blogging school” with Analytic Vision and all of the others, I have managed to create a better blog, in Romanian.

Its mission is to provide the necessary and useful information for development: for individuals (may they be independent consultants, entrepreneurs, psychologists or managers) and for organizations (the marketing, PR and HR functions) in order for them to take the best decisions from the palette of options which lie ahead of the future.

You read my blogs because it’s interesting for you and because you like the way I write – I have a very professional style of writing (no matter what the subject is) and quality always attracts. In the end, it’s not what you write that matters so much, but how you write about it *read more about it in this article: It’s not WHAT You Write, it’s HOW You Write).


2012 – The year of expansion

This year I have great plans.Here are my intentions

1. I will launch my first audiobook, which will be included on the third edition of the multimedia kit for efficient learning, together with a brand new e-book called “The Guide for Efficient Learning” – all in Romanian

2. I will start taking interviews during fall 2012, which I will publish on Discerne (in Romanian) and on Analytic Vision (in English). Get more information here [en, php]

3. I will host guest posting on Discerne, starting from fall. Get more information here [ro, php]

4. I will start publishing my articles on other websites/blogs.

5. I will publish a printed book on negotiation, titled “The Ways of Persuasion in negotiation” – a Romanian book, my first book for business people.

So, if you want to know about what I’m up to, read my blogs:

Analytic Vision                                                                Discerne                                                   Debug Your Mind



One thought on “My 4th Year in Blogging

  1. […] Şi eu de asemenea, mă bucur de ultima zi de lejeritate a programului, sărbătorind totodată cele 101 post-uri publice pe Discerne până acum. Acesta este al 102-lea. Nu le-am socotit pe cele în care am făcut ordine acum câteva zile. Uitându-mă printre ele, mi-a fost cam greu să aleg doar 10 cele mai bune articole, după părerea mea. Asta mi-a adus aminte cum se construieşte pas cu pas. Nu sărbătoresc doar atât, ci şi al 100-lea post pe primul meu blog, Analytic Vision. […]


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