What Have I Been Doing in 2011

Some say I have become mysterious since none of my blogs indicate what I’m up to lately.

Since I also use the blog to communicate the simple question, “ce mai faci?”/”hey, what’s up?”, I will confess.

Besides blogging, from April to September (half of 2011), I have been writing for 4 projects.

  1. The psychometric measurement of Self-Esteem by Marcus Victor Grant

  2. The HR Evaluation through Graphological Analysis and Psychometrically through Metaprograms

  3. The Multimedia CD for Efficient Learning Training: Speed Reading Audiobook (text finished 100%), Approx 1 h 15 mins, Concentration and Memorising Techniques E-book  (finalized 80%) Approx 100 pages

  4. The collaboration with 4Career, a young company launched this September on the HR market in Bucharest and Ploiesti,  organizing training and workshops for me. I have worked with them on demo training, presentations, promoting, and partnership strategies.

This October, I intend to start working with a multinational research company.

Last month I worked to renovate the apartment I live in, which is quite central – Vitan Mall.

I meet with friends, watch movies, and read history books in my spare time.

I have stopped spending an inordinate amount of time on Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo Messenger.

Marcus Victor Grant

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