Which Are Your Values for Success?

As an exemplification of the checklist presented here, I want to share with you how I apply some of the concepts for myself. Of course, each person has his or her own values for success. The values of the successful businessmen they say, are: the leadership abilities, the communication skills, the delegation of tasks, the wide network of people known, the ability to work hard, team playing, enthusiasm, strategic vision, uprightness, analysis, loyalty, direction and sincerity.

Tony Robbins talks about the seven key traits of the great winners as being the passion built on motivation, the faith built on perspective, the strategy built on techniques and methods, the clarity of the values based on alignment, the energy built on equilibrium, the charisma built on the power of personal branding, the communication excellence built on efficient techniques.

Your goals are important. For you and for others. Plan, manage, monitor and evaluate your goals well. You will only receive the results for the expectations you envisioned. Live your purpose and enjoy it. The trip matters more than the result. You will only get the result if the trip was well set. Work smart, or else you’ll work for others.

Invest in planning to gain abilities, not knowledge (I will write about improving your abilities in a few days). Knowledge is everywhere, and it’s getting cheaper. Those who have the ability to search, find and apply the right knowledge, also have access to the resources that matter.

Give what you feel to who is appropriate. Don’t expect anything in return and everything you will receive will be a gift and not a disappointment. Use your gifts, your abilities, your knowledge and all your resources every day, serving others (not like this). Don’t let anyone tell you how much you’re worth. Slavery ended. People worth more than what they can produce. You only have these resources for a short period of time, make them serve others and grow. Take care of your needs without hurting others.

This is the only way you will not only obtain your goals, but you will also sustain them. Keep your eyes on the prize! Think, act and talk in a positive, affirmative manner. Beware of what you wish and what you concentrate on. Focus follows attention, energy follows intention. Every word you say, everything you read, say and hear, creates an I M P A C T and you will have an effect. May it be an effect you expected (or even better, planned) and not one you just suspected.

Ask yourself if you like and trust the people you get energy from. Ask yourself if they respect you, if they have common values. It’s so difficult to live with or to learn from someone who despises you, or has opposite values from yours! The people who truly know you should believe in you.

The professional values which matter the most for me are development (beyond the security, beyond the comfort area), efficiency (creating a lot of quality with a few resources) and sharing (offering tools you can use).

Here are some limits of acting according to these values:

1. I will not share something for free if I don’t think you will be motivated to use it. I will only share stuff I think you can use for your information and development. I will not use all of my resources, but only some of them.

2.  I will not work for organizations (clients or employers) having the goals I’m working for, against any of my values, or against civil or human rights liberties. I include here all forms of abuse depicted in Debug Your Mind

The message I would like to send to myself is: develop your personal brand. The message I would like to send to my readers is:

Be your brand.

Marcus Victor Grant

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, 2011-present

One thought on “Which Are Your Values for Success?

  1. Iti propun o tema de analiza, pe care poate o vei prezenta si aici> ROLUL TACERII IN COMUNICARE,masura in care tacerea inlesneste comunicarea sau o blocheaza.
    Multumesc, pe curand!


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