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Relational Branding [en]

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on 11/08/2011

Want a sentimental relationship?

Take care of your relational brand!

People are not attracted by reality, they are attracted by perception.

Learn how to be yourself while addressing a potential partner for a romantic relationship!

Do you take care of your job?

Do you take care of your place?

Do you take care of how you look?

Why wouldn’t you take care about how you look to others?

Define your relational brand!

Photo Copyright: CrazyMan85

This workshop is a practical approach about how to emphasize on the best of who you are in order to create a relationship!

Have you ever tried to approach someone you felt interested in, yet had difficulty in expressing yourself?

This workshop is not about how to fool someone, or some tips & tricks about picking up, it is an experience which will help you express better and be understood by the opposite sex.

This is marketing and personal development joined for the purpose of your success!

If you are interested in creating a lasting relationship with someone of the opposite sex, this is one workshop you cannot afford to miss!

Photo copyright: Keyp

I have been in and out of relationships and I have offered consultance services in compatibility evaluation for couples. Some of them got married. All of them got huge understanding out of it. Now, it is time for you.

This workshop will be held in English. All the communication for participating at this workshop will be done in English.

The benefits of participating at this workshop are:

  • you will learn to define what you want in a relationship

  • you get awareness on how you are perceived

  • you will learn how to create connections

  • you will learn how to present yourself to the opposite sex

  • you will learn to create a strategy for promoting yourself


Saturday, the5 th of November14.45-19.30

14.45-15.55 1st workshop session

15.55-16.10 break

16.10-17.20 2nd workshop session

17.20 -17.35 break

17.35-18.45 3rd workshop session

18.45 feed-back, photos & end of workshop

 Cost: 95 lei including VTA. 50% off for students which present proper registration.

I will be straightforward with you. This is not therapy, although it might bring you understanding. It is not consulting, although it is based on my consulting and personal experience. It is not coaching, although my wish for you is to get insight. What I am offering you is a 80 % applicative workshop. We will not talk, or discuss theories or tell stories. We will DO. So get ready for 3 hours and a half of brand-changing experience. This will be one of the most interesting approaches you have seen in a while in personal communication, so be ready!

Workshop facilitator:

Ştefan Alexandrescu

  • authorised trainer

  • consultant in branding, HR and personal development since 2006

  • licensed in communication and public relations

  • author of tens of articles for personal and professional development

  • NLP practitioner

  • certified through the Romanian Center of Social & Psychotherapeutic Intervention in psychodrama and preventing abuse
  • trained in emotional intelligence, coaching and human resources

 Address: Splaiul Independentei  nr. 202A  (behind ANEFS), Sector 6, BUCURESTI . Bus 601. Stop “Facultatea de Filosofie”

Full description:

Get information and confirm participation at

Ştefan Alexandrescu

0766 218 550, 0754 534 929 [at] yahoo [dot] com,

blogs:[ro] [en]


"It's time to communicate"

"It's time to communicate"

Check out the testimonials!

„Ştefan has opened my eyes in the matter of communication with women. Thanks to Ştefan, I learned a lot about people behavior in relationships. Thanks to him, I can now distinguish more stances in each woman and successfully approach the specific stance that thw woman wishes to communicate in any given moment.”

Vali Stoia

applications engineer, Microchip, Bucharest

The main results of the consultance were for me: the perception of differences between what I want and what the partner wants; between what I need and what the partner needs, what mechanisms make me have these needs and how can I change them so that he would react in the way I expect him to. It helps you to really know your needs, your partner‘s needs, the things to avaoid, in fewer words: to KNOW THYSELF.”

Loredana Bănaru,

economist, Bucharest

Ştefan’s advice and observations concerning the couple relationships and the communication between men and women are first of all painted in a very frank realism, alsmost pessimism. His comments on this topic ar as direct as possible and strive towards the essence of things, without trying to paint the reality in merry colours. In stead, he unravels the pseudo-feelings and manipulation attempts, which tend to be so specific to most of the relationships.

George Perju

student, Iaşi


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