Meta Modalities

This is Meta to all NLP patterns. It is also a pattern of influence and transformation for everything we do.

ASSOCIATE –The step that often gets skipped is the first one. In other words, you have to first associate them intensely enough to the problem to get all the neural networks lit up, so the later work gets attached to what the problem was. If not, the work may get attached to something else to which it does not need to be connected. First, we have to find out what the problem is. What do we say or do to get a strong association with it? What is it? What is the problem? Get them into the situation. See what they look like in the issue here and now. What are all the possible questions? Just by them considering the question, I can ask a person that will assist them in associating with the problem without them having to say anything to me? You look at them, calibrating until you get them associated. Take a snapshot.

DISSOCIATE – Most problems are heavily associated, and we can’t dissociate on our own. What do we need to say or do to get them to dissociate and discover resources? First, get them into a resource state by going for what is NOT the problem. Then, go for what is NOT the problem. Basically, relative to what isn’t is moving them up toward resources. Stepping out of the problem gets them unstuck for a while. Observe them. See what they look like. Calibrate. When they are in a good state, chunk-down Meta Model style deeper into the good state. Anchor.



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