Ştefan Alexandrescu’s Top 5 Pictures on How to Do Personal Branding in a WRONG WAY

A few months ago I posted a top 10 of movies which serve as a good example of how to do personal branding. Now let’s take a look at the list of best movies on how NOT TO DO personal branding.

1. The Godfather, Part II

At a first look, the story of becoming Don Corleone is an American Entrepreneurship Story. Don Corleone creates a reputation for himself all around the neighborhood and starts networking. But any fool can get respect using a weapon, and confound it with fear. The history is impressive, more in the fact it is terrifying than a success story. For more insight, read Mario Puzo’s novel. Sometimes, people never learn from the mistakes of those close to them. In this film, the striving for personal branding is leading to murder.


2.There Will Be Blood

An oilman builds up an honest reputation of an exploiter. He is confronted by a preacher. Appearances may be deceitful. This is more than a psychological confrontation. This film shows what happens when personal ambitions are underlined by destructive character. Ultimately, one of the personal brands will break. And reputation is not all that will be lost.


3. Wall Street

For some people, having more money than they can count is considered an asset for the personal brand. Gordon Gekko is one of the most well/known characters. A well-deserved Academy Award for interpretation received by Michael Douglas adds recognition to one of Oliver Stone’s best movies. Don’t lose yourself in the brand you try to create! The personal brand assets are those which define your personality, not what you use to cover it.


4. American Gangster

Another brilliant example of how criminals can pose as respectable people, this time from the great American Director Ridley Scott. Nominated for the best drama of 2008 at the Golden Globes, this is one of the best gangster movies ever done. The trailer illustrates in a very obvious manner why is this movie recommended as a serious counter-example on how to do personal branding. The two main characters are very fine portrayed. The script illustrates them with all their nuances and allows them to develop in an impressive way. At almost 3 hours, this movie never runs too long!


5.Catch Me if You Can

Impersonating someone can be fun. But losing yourself in it can be dangerous. What happens when you forget who you are? How can you find your identity, as a forger? Of course, being the best of who you’re not.


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