“The Art of Personal Branding”, or Sometimes, a “Pen” is Just a Pen. But Sometimes It Isn’t.

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar

Sigmund Freud

According to Alfred Korzybski [en, wiki], the greatest epistemologist of the XXth century, in his work “Science and Sanity” [full book, en, HTML index, pdf chapters] for example in the case of the word “pen”, when I take it in my hand and I say: “This is a pen”, actually THAT which I am actually holding in my hand is NOT  a pen, as for the word “pen” is simply a limitation for all of the possibilities of that object to manifest its functions. Naming it a “pen” gives it a specific use and determination, therefore, a limitation. By the words we use, we pattern the reality, we map across meaning according to context, according to pre-determined neuronal pathways. For example, for the same object defined by the word “pen”, a teacher could use a word as “spaceship” to explain a time-space continuum concept, or the “pen” can be in fact labeled as a “weapon” and registered by the police in the case of murder. Any specific object carries in it all its potentiality of meaning, which is inherent to the structure it determines it but is only limited by the imagination of the user of the “pen” ’s potential.

The truth is that between what you know and what you do not know lies all which you can assume.  The need to cover anything with a rule, a structure, an explanation, will determine you to draw a wrong conclusion when you limit your imagination. Now if you think this kind of theoretical conceptualization cannot influence your life, think again.

A year ago, when the WHO swine flu pandemic hoax [en, html], it was actually based on the fact that WHO (World Health Organization) changed the definition for the word “pandemic” so that any kind of flu (regardless of the rate of mortality) can be covered by the definition in meaning, thus enforcing the governments throughout the world to take measures against the “pandemic”, as mandated by their contracts with WHO (please read “World Hoax Organization”). The explanation? Although the meaning of the word was changed by WHO changing the definition, the references in all the written contracts and laws around the world remained the same. Those reading in the laws the word “pandemic” did not check whether the definition of the word remained the same as when that document was written. It was not. But the mere term “pandemic” certainly got a lot of people scared, and without a real basis, without checking the information at the source.

Today, for digital people, the loss of attention to the true meaning, the lack of true presence in communication (as a form of respect) actually explains a lot of weird things specific to digital man. It explains, among others, his/her lack of awareness concerning communication. It explains, more above all, the digital people’s drama, which cannot escape the communication activities except through vacations, sleep, or drugs.

The direction of communication is its result.

The essence of any communication lies in its meaning.

But, as we cannot fully experience what is regularly defined as a “pen” for all the quantum possibilities it has for its meaning, we cannot experience transcending time while in time. We cannot see a person from all the possible angles and contexts at once. We cannot comprehend what actually the “true self” means. We operate with bits and pieces of information, holographically regenerating the image of that person in our mind. And sometimes, most times, it is only when showing just a few aspects, a few personal brand traits, you have determined the viewer, the spectator of your show, to buy. As long as the promise of your brand lives up to the buyer’s expectations, you have done a great job.

The process of virtually mapping over contexts one’s details from one context can be correct, presuming you use the proper patterns, and the predictability is proven according to the patterns that you know, which you have presumably depicted. But did you? Did you really? Please remember that some people have curtains as thick as a sheet, but some may have curtains as thick as a wall. Why do you think the very good actors get paid so well?

Watching at a cube, from a fully perpendicular real-space vision, makes it look like a square. Are you at least aware of those images you look at, seeming a square, that they are, in essence, cubes? So, what really holds the meaning of a certain vision?

I have a more important, self-reflected question. As saying that when looking into an abyss, the abyss will look back at you, what do the patterns which you mapped across the others say about yourself?

The true experience of self and respect of others implies a lack of mental and emotional projection. Presence in essence. Presence IS essence.

The art of respecting others starts with the art of respecting yourself.

It lies written in the Bible, for all who wish to discover meaning, vision, and wisdom: “Love your neighbor as you love thyself”. But what if you don’t (know how to) love yourself? What if you don’t even know yourself?

Marcus Victor Grant

Text Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, 2011-present

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