Less Is More. Until It Becomes Nothing.

We frenetically type away our lives.

We write off the words, throwing them like a depreciated currency, when sometimes less is more.

“More, more, even more”: clicks, links, tags, tweets, posts, pics, blogs, lists. More avatars [en, wiki]. More input to type away the lack of true stimuli for authentic communication.

In the end, we are left without any spare words for our souls.

We perform those pseudo-activities, sometimes “funny moments”, which we can photo, pick, post and then offer to others to click on, in order to share the emptiness of a content we reached for, but never got to truly feel. Maybe only for a scattered micro-second.

These pseudo-activities actually do a great job helping us to type away our inner meaning. Besides the mental rest – and that being approximate – we don’t take profit upon this complex communication appreciation.

Then come the red times of selling short. But who loses the transaction when you sell short of your soul? What will a man give in exchange for his soul?

It is said in the Bible the end of the world will come when there will be no path from human being to human being. We are on our way towards that, despite improving the quality and speed of technological infrastructure.

The Art of Respecting Others, Marcus Victor Grant’s paraphrase on Mircea Eliade [en, blog]

Marcus Victor Grant

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, 2011-present

One thought on “Less Is More. Until It Becomes Nothing.

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