The Windmills of Your Mind

We must learn not to be afraid of communication. On the contrary, we must learn to live without the obsession with communication. We must learn to get as much out of our messages dedicated to working. Still, we must also master the art of respecting others by communicating with them through deeply relating and less correlating.

It doesn’t matter if you use web 2.0. or not. It doesn’t matter whether you use the TV or not. You may be a digital (wo)man because your brain is formatted for a specific operating system, which correlates into the matrix. The matrix of stereotyping. To add nuance to that, your stereotyping quality is determined by your awareness of psychological categories (instead of labels). And this is also being pre-formatted. “Please plug in!” says classic psychometry, where if you don’t compute, you are merely part of a standard error.

We quickly become addicted as the television and the movies train us. Addicted to the misperception and misrepresentation of an individual between grounds of the behavior of a particular context, extrapolating a. If you tell the truth, you are honest. If you lie, you are a liar. If you follow, you are a follower. If you blog, you are a blogger. If you write, you are a writer. It seems strange how we more easily classify someone based on negative perceptions than competence perceptions. Your identity becomes limited to the viewer’s attention and angle, like the plain surface of a cube. It is easy to feel unlistened when seen from another angle.

We need a catalog system for the contents of our office desk and drawers. We become addicted to a catalog system for our minds. Let’s catalog what should be cataloged: pens, clips, papers, scissors, lamps, maps, chargers, and many other concrete tools.

We often don’t use the catalog system because we finally can.

Having the possibility eliminates the desire. Why use catalogs with our desks when we can use them on people? It is, of course, easier to catalog on the premise of the predictability of a particular item we intend to use. Item or people. It seems the same. Or are they?

Still, the human essence is more complex in meaning and manifestation. From another perspective, a pen is always just a pen. Or is it?

The original: Noel Harrison – “Windmills of your mind” (1968)

The digitally remastered version: Sting – “Windmills of your mind” (1998)

Marcus Victor Grant

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2011-present, all rights reserved.

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Marcus Victor Grant

Text Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, 2011-present

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