Marcus Victor Grant’s Top 10 of Personal Branding Pictures

I like to watch good movies. I enjoy discovering something to learn in each one. I cherish discovering a message, and by recommending them, I wish those who see them allow them to impact their conscience and actions. I might disagree with a particular aspect of a film, but that does not change its quality and power to inspire.

Today, I have chosen to offer you my personal top of the best films on personal branding that you can watch. For each of them, I will tell you why. I have made the top out of movies I have seen personally. Although you might wonder why other more well-known movies appear here (please suggest them), it is simply how they came to my mind.

1. Citizen Kane

The most brilliant example of a character portrayal in movie history. Voted the best picture of the 20th century, it offers a 360-degree perspective on Charles Foster Kane, the film version of William Randolph Hearst. The monumental construction of a brand is told in the purest American style. A must-see for everyone at all times. It is the best example of creating a reputation based on values you respect, even when that does not soothe you.

2. Lawrence of Arabia

It is considered the best epic picture in film history [en, wiki] and shows how a character can rise and be appreciated beyond cultures. You can learn from T.E. Lawrence’s attitude and behavior about how to inspire respect and create leadership. Before the expression “personal brand” existed, “Lawrence of Arabia” gave life to it.

3. The Aviator

Leonardo Di Caprio’s portrayal of Howard Hughes is a brilliant example of how someone is fighting against the negative image and all the obstacles thrown at him. It is also one of the best pictures to see to get inspiration as an entrepreneur.

4. The Social Network

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The man who redefined online personal branding has built his company by striving to cover his negative branding attributes. The XXI century correspondence to “Citizen Kane” is apparent in the end. Mark Zuckerberg is an example of how promoting a personal brand can overwhelm the world and make you a winner. Careful! You cannot make 500 million friends without making a few enemies…

5. My Fair Lady

The glorious everlasting example of mentorship and development before coaching was brought to the attention of the organizational environment. The delightful story serves as a metaphor and inspiration in persevering towards being a lady – acquiring the desirable character traits and becoming a better person in the process.

6. Up in the Air

How to build your brand all around you through networking and paying attention to the most minor details. Respect your life principles, and you will be a winner. George Clooney’s character gains profoundness through the brilliant script, which tells us a life story in a business environment. Best movie to see in Human Resources, next to Silence of the Lambs and Mindhunters.

7. Anne of the Thousand Days

The fictionalized story of Anne Boleyn, the girl who became a queen, by behaving as such even before having the chance. Although, in the end, she got obsessed with power and made herself the cause of the historical separation of the Church of England from Catholicism, she stands as a model of determination to make an impact in history. This is the kind of determination that overthrows empires.

8. Elizabeth

She would have been killed if Elizabeth had not made her personal brand. In a moment in history when everyone was the enemy and men ruled, she made history as “the Virgin Queen”. A masterpiece to be remembered.

9. Erin Brockovich

Memorable, not only because of Julia Roberts’ Oscar role but also by joining The Rainmaker, The Insider, and A Civil Action as one of the most remarkable anti-corporation suits portrayals in recent American history. The true story of a woman getting the right to be appreciated for her work and not her looks is a true example of personal branding. Pay special attention to how Erin manages to take care of all aspects of her life and, in the end, still shine.

10. Jerry Maguire

The story of the agent who succeeds on his own after getting fired for developing a professional mission in the company is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs and, simultaneously, one of the most recommended romantic movies. Jerry Maguire is the brand everyone wants to be. But behind the triumphant smile and the brave courage, we would like to assume the character will have, lies a well-written character. To follow in his footsteps is something few men dare to do these days.

Well, that’s it. I hope you watched all trailers and you will enjoy these movies. Please write me about your experiences of seeing them from a personal branding perspective.


Marcus Victor Grant

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