Stress and Productivity

I got curious concerning the correlations job (dis)satisfaction (emotion) has with stress (emotion) and with job performance (objective criteria). The opposite of stress is PWB (psychological well-being) which correlates pretty much with job satisfaction, a processor of PWB.

Most job & life dissatisfaction questionnaires have dimensions built for each area of life. The most challenging part is to relate the lack of productivity with job dissatisfaction, which is the real HR metrics problem. On the other hand, stress is easy to measure as a perception and as a fact through psychophysiology and personal health indicators.

At the same time, the correlation between job satisfaction and individual performance is considered minor, but the correlation between job dissatisfaction and organizational performance, through personnel fluctuation.

I got this information from Dragoş Iliescu from Test Central as an answer to some questions I put to him last year.

Marcus Victor Grant

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