“Soul” File is Write-Protected. Are You Sure You Want to Delete It?

The avatar civilization [en, blog] may characterize the whole style of our digital era by what is now perceived through instant multi-messaging: a paradoxically stone-like state, which allows us, even more, conditions us (as the freedom to which we have become captive on our way to embrace it [en, video]) to be in one particular spot to participate in a specific stream of messages. While other times, when legends with many saints and heroes were created, standing still was a state of restless exaltation; it was rising until paroxysmal levels of some soul’s states of a collective mental self-projection; it was the life thirst and the salvation will of a human race or nation, concentrated in a single man’s firm, unbending presence: a Hero, or a Saint…

How paradoxical would it seem in such times filled with communication opportunities as ours, digital men, women, and children, future digital citizens, to not truly hold knowledge or art of respecting others or of the happiness of dissipating communication?

Only someone genuinely preoccupied and responsible for his or her self-growth can know how to dissipate communication. But the digital men, women, and children are never “busy”. Digital people are always on hold, waiting for ephemeral eventualities. Their work does not raise from their inner self spirit, God-given gift, but the opposite, most of them do something so they would have what to live from, to have an occupation, as they communicate because it’s part of the job description, from their role, from what is expected of them, and not because of expressing themselves.

  • You will argue for whatever vision you wish to support if your job is an attorney.

  • If you are a medic, you will advise towards a better, healthier life.

  • If you are a copywriter, you will envision, elaborate, and skillfully master the art of words to create meaning in the reader’s imagination.

  • If you are a digital marketer, you will write about subscriber-grabbing strategies.

  • If you are a mother, you will protect your children.

  • If you are a father, you will financially support your family.

  • If you are a child, you will learn to gain financial independence, freeing your parents from their “burden”.

All of these, sometimes, with the price of losing the very meaning of communicating yourself

Some digital people get addicted to following a pattern, automatically working according to their sub-identity, to their job description, afraid of not ever remaining alone. Alone with themselves, looking into themselves like into an abyss.

In such conditions, the art of respecting others for who they indeed are or the happiness of dissipating communication becomes diminished, automatically delivered to a pending trash/spam/recycle bin folder. You may, at most, have the wish for taking a rest, a “party”.

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Marcus Victor Grant

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