The Modern Buttons of the Digital People.

I was writing previously in this series about the difference between experiencing communication dissipation by living it or rather than by wasting it.

Digital people always have a fast track button to push for “:) fun :)”, and when that is missing, they have a sleep. They are never alone. They always have all kinds of drugs available – as like for interpersonal communication, have “add”, “invite”, “follow”, “delete”, “ignore” and “unsubscribe” buttons. I have always been absolutely fascinated with these digital people’s addiction to buttons.

Aren’t you terrified by the urge to constantly check your e-mail accounts, tweet streams, face wall, phone log, call messages, SMS inbox, and offline YM?

I was always curious to get informed from somewhere on the way people from previous centuries instantly communicated before the XXth century. For example, I would like to know if they also faced these cruelties of pending, transferring, call holding, line jamming, and broadband connection breaking. Why do we suffer based on the indicators of our online status? Why does the rhythm of our tweets become the rhythm of our hearts? Isn’t it unbelievably uncommon for this meta-structure communication, this detachment from the essence of the emitter, this transformation of oneself into an avatar[en, wiki]?

If you have enjoyed this article, it is likely you will enjoy the rest of this paraphrase [en, blog]

Marcus Victor Grant

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