Felicia, înainte de toate

I am adding to yesterday’s chronicle of “Felicia, before all” [en, blog] some of the ideas from Wednesday night [ro, html] with directors & screenwriters Răzvan Rădulescu [en, html] and Melissa de Raaf awarded at TIFF for screenplay, producer Ada Solomon [en, html] and actress Ozana Oancea [ro, html], also awarded at TIFF.

You can also watch this interview with Razvan Radulescu and Melissa de Raaf.

Ada Solomon was pleasantly surprised that people told her they find their parents well depicted in this movie. She fell in love with the script from the first moment. The idea of the project was being discussed even since 2006.

Razvan Radulescu and Melissa de Raaf

Ozana did not find her parents resembled those from the movie, and she found herself closer to the Dutch side of the character than to the Romanian one.Razvan showed her some filmed moments with his parents, raising the standards for her in a very effective manner. Razvan was very satisfied by the way Ozana raised up to those standards.

The crew was very careful with the details, paying a visit to Dutchland for buying objects [en, HTML, photo gallery] that would appear in the movie. Razvan, Melissa and Ozana spent the first two days for visiting and choosing, and in the last day, they got energized by Ozana and bought everything they needed, starting with the coat Felicia is wearing in the airport, which made an instant click.

Melissa said there were no therapeutic benefits for her doing the movie, and Razvan adds that he did not expect catharsis, but a simple clear depiction of something really present in Romanian society.

Razvan said that the reaction of the audience was easily noticed to fit the same pattern, only that to the first Romanian premiere, at Cluj-Napoca, the reactions were much stronger in intensity.

Razvan preferred that the movie would be done with a more concentrated focus, and that’s why he insisted this not to be a co-production and he did not accept to get money from other countries or change the action setting.

You can read some of Irina Codruta Matei’s thoughts [ro, blog] while she was working on the script supervising for “Felicia, inainte de toate”. I think she’s now very happy with the movie launch and the script award at TIFF.

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8 thoughts on “Felicia, înainte de toate

  1. […] Copiii, la rândul lor, îşi doresc să fie acceptaţi de părinţi ca cine au devenit, într-o societate foarte opusă celei în care părinţii le-au dat naştere, şi să fie înţeleşi, când limbajul, vocabularul lor, este dintr-o altă lume, pe care, dacă lor le-a luat un an să o înţeleagă, atunci părinţilor le-ar trebui o viaţă. Totul este de altfel strălucit ilustrat şi în filmul „Felicia, înainte de toate” (regia Răzvan Rădulescu şi Melissa DeRaaf, 2009, de trei ori premiat la TIFF), un veritabil document psihografic al poporului român la sfârşit de deceniu I al noului mileniu. Am scris despre el aicişi aici. […]


  2. […] Am pregătit pentru voi un video în acest nou post din categoria “documente psihografice ale societăţii contemporane” – teaser trailer la filmul Felicia, înainte de toate (2009, regia Răzvan Rădulescu şi Melissa DeRaaf, de trei ori premiat la Festivalul Internaţional de Film Transilvania), despre care am scris aici şi aici. […]


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