10 Things Young Idealists Can’t Change in Romania

As I mentioned talking to Bogdan Enoiu a week ago at BC Conferences, I strongly recommend Alexandru Solomon’s documentary on “Kapitalism”, now in Romanian theaters all around the country.

The conclusion, in the end, is that the future generations will pay the bill for all the harm done by greedy Romanians, efficient bankers, and corrupt, incompetent, stealing Government.

So, I have gathered a list of things NONE of the young idealist Romanian students can do. Just 10. You may contribute to the list.

1. This generation cannot pay Romania’s external debt. Not even the export getting higher than the import wouldn’t make a real difference;

2. This generation cannot unchain Romania from IMF (which, by the way, is not in any actual condition to help the economies [ro,php]), especially considering that most part of the money went to banks and to pay salaries and pension for a few months;

3. This generation cannot change the Romanian cultural characteristics which have brought the country down;

4. This generation cannot change the real estate market’s downfall or the rate of unpayable bank debts [ro, php]. Sewing the banks for their unfair contracts will not effectively affect the real problem;

5. This generation cannot seriously influence the rate of actual unemployment, nor can they compensate for all the Romanians not working. Measures for that should have been taken 15-20 years ago;

6. This generation cannot change the disastrous demographics of Romania [ro, php] (just take a look at the stupid comments made to this article 2 years ago…), and the Church is not helping – as it happened in Georgia, for example;

7. This generation cannot fix the waging and social securities un-system [ro, html]. Compared to other systems – Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, for approximately the same amount of taxes, you the contributors, benefit in not having to worry about tomorrow effectively;

8. This generation cannot change the laws. Changing one or two is not changing the whole system, which doesn’t work;

9. This generation cannot change the situation of small enterprises. I attended all sorts of entrepreneurship schools and events last year. I know the kind of people who participate there. Unfortunately, there are too few to make a difference. Connected to this, the young enthusiastic Romanian students can’t change the tax level [ro, blog]. As an answer to Dyutza’s question, the air tax is possible to be introduced.

10. This generation cannot change the bankruptcy of the health system.

If you want to be an idealist, do that in another country where your intentions might make a difference. Otherwise, chances are, you’re merely supporting your ego, believing in nothing else than inertia in the middle of a downward spiral, never even getting the opportunity of a rock-bottom moment Germany got in the second world war.

Later edit: it’s interesting to note in retrospect, on a personal level, that even though I came to these conclusions in 2010, it took me until 2018 to finally completely implement them, as I wrote here. And it’s interesting that 10 years later, one can say the same things and even worse about Romania.

Marcus Victor Grant

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2 thoughts on “10 Things Young Idealists Can’t Change in Romania

  1. There are maybe hundreds of things on this world that we can’t change, but I choose to focus on the things I can change…especially on myself. This is my only true power.I think that everything around, good or bad, is exactly the way it has to be so we can learn our lessons. And concentrating on bad only attracts more bad…some call it the law of attraction. Just a belief I embrace, not necessary the correct one, but it definitely works in my case…


  2. Stefan, regarding your first 2 things… Don’t speak about the economy if you’re not seriously educated regarding macroeconomics. When you’ll read (a lot), you will understand that most economic measures have both positive and unhappy effects.

    Most of your comments are assertive – I follow your activity, I’m convinced about that. An external advice from me – which I’ve got to know a few specialists in edgy techniques for personal&professional development: keep a positive attitude. We won’t pay for the services of a guy that points out the negative: what we can’t do, and emphasizing the harm already done- but on what we can do to improve or to change – what are the things that we can actually change for the better? You see.. I have enough time to read this post, as I came along it… You may have written positively elsewhere, however this article does little to retain me on your page..



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