3 thoughts on “ATB – Marrakech

  1. De ce preferi acest cantec, si, mai ales, de ce crezi ca a ramas preferatul tau din toate timpurile? Te exprima in anumite privinte? As vrea sa stiu…
    P.S. Te rog sa nu imi trimiti raspunsuri pe adresa asta.


  2. I’ve done once a pretty interesting exercise. I tried to find out what songs correspond most to each of my values. Like for example, for the value “inspiration”, I chose Alan Silvestri’s Feather theme from “Forrest Gump”.

    Trying to search for an explanation for which I love “ATB – Marraketch” so much since 2005, when I’ve discovered it (it was launched in 2004), I found that it corresponds to more than one of my values. It’s a matter of saying “this video + music simply rings a bell in my head”, because the character in the video and both the sensation created by the music offer meta-level observer position.
    They say in a battle whoever has the the higher position wins. In personal development, the idea works like this: “the higher your view, the larger your sight”, therefore you the quality of your decisions and appreciations depends on the level you make the analysis from. The song describes the ultimate observer, who can impact and also interfere in a strategic sense with the reality (consider also you cannot not change that which you are observing). The melodic line is kept at a certain pace and high point, which I find very inspiring, much more than any other song I know.
    But also, please keep in mind that when you use music to raise your morale, it’s only natural to find yourself more attracted by the songs you usually choose. So even if there may not be a lot of profoundness in this song (ATB has other songs more profound) as it appears to be a song one might not choose as favorite, it is my favorite.
    And, quoting a Romanian blogger, I wish you to find the music that best defines every moment in your life.


    1. Da, exiata o multime de explicatii, dar cred ca in privinta aceasta “aspectele subiective” sunt determinante, pe ideea ca fiecare …simte in felul lui, dar diferit in momente diferite!
      Cred ca este important sa identifici fragmentele melodice care iti armonizeaza energiile, care te sustin in crearea unui nivel vibrational in acord cu obietivele pe care le ai la un anumit moment; pare a fi un soi de carja emotionala creata “artificial”, dar muzica (ca armonie a sunetelor) este o nevoie profunda ce tine de narura umana, coexistand cu omul de la aparitia sa…
      Poate e dificil sa gasesti intotdeauna muzica potrivita, insa cred ca aici trebuie lasata intuitia sa-si faca treaba, chiar daca in alte privinte evitam sa-i urmam “sfaturile”!

      Multumesc mult, Stefan.


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