Video Advice from Radu Georgescu

Two months ago, Radu Georgescu talked about two hours at Open Coffee about entrepreneurship and investment. As I wrote before, Open Coffee is like an MBA, only that it’s for free and it’s for real. I am sorry I am posting these so late, I had some serious trouble recovering the material from the tapes.

He and his invited colleague talked about a lot of things. Out of some technical difficulties I will solve in the following 2 weeks, this is all I could save and access to put on the internet. I will post the other content in other articles, but this also allows me to emphasize on some ideas and to give things to think about.

His guest, Costel, tells us in this chunk how to approach the investors.

Connected with the ideas of the steps you take in a business, I suggest you also read the following articles, for they answer a lot of the questions of young students aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

Paşi antreprenoriali

Aritmetica investiţiei

Radu Georgescu – Don’t sell everything

Radu Georgescu talked about his experience with selling part of GeCad to Microsoft, with the accent on part. I think there are some very valuable lessons to take on in perspective. It wasn’t the first time he tried to sell it, by the way, this is how him and Costel met.

Another way of not to invest is to give to the investors to little share to rise on.


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