It’s Not WHAT You Write, It’s HOW You Write

Probably, like me, you have this window opened among other bits of information flying around on your computer, read in a hurry, and waiting to extract the relevance and move on towards further information.

As I told a friend of mine yesterday who’s not in Bucharest and is not in online, if you ask a known person online in Bucharest “how are you?” equals to “I haven’t been reading your blog”, because if you have been reading their blog, you wouldn’t ask such questions.

My main issue in blogging (as in “to blog, or not to blog, that is THE question”) was how would I be relevant to others. What should I write about? Basically, if you’re not online, you don’t exist. So I prefer to choose evergreen articles, articles which don’t lose the value over time.

Some people don’t know how they should portrait themselves online. I just want to write to you, from my own experience in trying to impress others with appearances, that it’s not going to work. For example, I have some very rough edges, I know that, and I’m determined not to hide it because it’s part of the way I express myself. That means, whether you like or you don’t like what I’ve got to say, you will surely remember me. To be memorable is more than to be acceptable. If you don’t get me, it means you’re not in my target. It’s as simple as that.

I listened to an audio training with an American expert which was telling that he’s so glad he was getting tons of hate letters because it meant for him that he defined so well his target, that other people felt obviously misrepresented! Even more, those people consumed out of their time to actually write letters acknowledging the huge signification it had for them the initiative started by the guy.

I’m not in for shocking, I’m in for positioning. Not from what I DO, but by who I AM. Be your brand [en, blog]. What’s my brand? Analytic Vision [en, blog].

Why analytic? Because I like to investigate and to present business, economic, psychological, social, political aspects and to break them down into the relevant aspects they hold. I’m in for the small strategic details which make the whole big difference. Because that’s so obvious to me, that it gets out there, as one of the first things to get perceived about me.

Why vision? Because I have a lot of ideas. I was creative and curious since I was little. Maybe some would consider me an idealist, but I’m still young and it’s my right to feel enthusiastic and to believe in values and principles which I believe can make a difference. I made some things happen for the first time… in Romania. You can get a list of this kind of stuff from me here, in the “founder/promoter” section. I like to envision. I like to empower. And I like to put passion in what I’m doing.

After trying in high-school to invent stuff (even participated at 2 innovations fairs) and realizing there’s no future about it in Romania, I changed the field to business and I started to have business visions. Until now, I haven’t got the courage to put my ideas to work as an entrepreneur, I’ve only had some tryouts. Maybe it won’t work as I expect it, but I prefer at least to be a freelancer rather than an employee. At least, for the moment.

The greatest thing about it today’s marketing world is that you can always replicate a business idea somewhere else. For a different niche. Or on a larger scale. I have discovered, in time, plenty of examples for local business ideas which, turned into international businesses could have great success. Some of them did.

So, based on my experience and on what I’ve been told by others who know better, it doesn’t matter if you start with other people’s ideas or you create your own from the beginning. (As long as you don’t infringe somebody’s copyright) Express yourself!

I also know a fact for sure, considering my experience and the feedback I’ve got (the last part, especially by publishing personal & professional development articles on a Romanian self-growth website). What I DO KNOW how to write about is business and how to inspire people. And that’s what I’m gonna do.

This is what Analytic Vision is about.

Marcus Victor Grant

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, 2009-present

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