Nobody to Vote With (II)

I have started to explain yesterday why I haven’t voted with anyone, the first two criteria being anti-Geoană & anti-Băsescu and the second one, the expectation for the candidate to speak my language.

The third and last criterion is no stupid, pointless or embarrasing public statements.  I mean those stupid affirmations that make your mind go blank for a minute, wondering if there is any intelligence  in these people’s heads. This disqualifies another few candidates.

Mircea Geoană, who also figures at the anti-Geoană capital criterion, said in last Friday’s historical confrontation with Băsescu and Antonescu the greatest thing he’s ever done is not to throw away his mother in law. And this person has chances to become president.

Crin Antonescu stated his model in life is Tudor Chirilă. Tudor Chirilă replied, disassociating his name from Crin Antonescu’s. Besides that, as Mircea Badea said, we expect from a president to have the ability to get unnerved, to strike, to be firm. From a candidate to presidency who states his model is a hippie, it wouldn’t be a wonder to find him singing “The Yellow Submarine” in stead of negotiating and planning. One of the worst political branding examples I have ever seen in my life, next to Traian Băsescu, Sorin Oprescu  and Remus Cernea (read further).

Constantin Ninel Potîrcă said he will wipe out all the Romanians’ debts to the state.

Gheorghe Eduard Manole said he will reduce all taxes and turn Romania into a fiscal paradise.

Sorin Oprescu stated a year and a half ago, in his campaign he won as mair of Bucharest, that we will have suspended autoroutes but he couldn’t even support in January 2009 a first project having the mear appearance of this kind. After 60 milion euros were spent starting to build the damn thing and making a mess of the traffic, the Local Council voted the project does not have public interest relevance. Considering taring it down would have costed another 60 milion euros, it took a governmental decision voted in Parliament to declare the project DOES hold public interest. He couldn’t even complete what he promised. Besides that, Sorin Oprescu’s site doesn’t have an electoral platform or a program. I don’t even understand WTF is with that sign he uses. He offers a perfect example for incoherence in branding.Besides, as a Bucharest inhabitant since before Sorin Oprescu’s win, I haven’t seen Sorin Oprescu’s contribution to Bucharest. The most ironic part is I’ve seen a flyer for Băsescu which gathered everything he’s done even as a mair. My assumption was that Sorin Oprescu couldn’t have this kind of approach because there wouldn’t be anything to put on the list. Oh, I forgot. We DO have something to be pround about. The longest sausage and the largest cake in the world. More about Sorin Oprescu’s adventures as a mair, read here. A pretty good synthesis.

Remus Cernea said he candidates from Partidul Verzilor (The Green Party).  What’s stupid about that? Apparently, nothing. Just that his own colleagues have filed a contestation at the Constitutional Court stating they have not yet validated him to represent them  running for presidency (sources here and here). Another issue in debate was weather he finished his studies at the Philosophy Faculty (didn’t get his license, claiming he hasn’t been a student for the diploma). From what I know, it’s illegal to state false assumptions in your resume if you’re running for a public function. As if this wasn’t enough, although he claims to be anti-sistem, he is anything but. Although he is a declared atheist, he is a believer in the global warming, the new religion. He participated in the pro-global warming hoax convention from Copenhaga this year. To have even more evidence pointing that global warming pretexts are used as a tool for mass murder on a global scale, please read Hillary Clinton’s statement on the connection between CO2 issues and malthusian philosophy or about the brithish reports unveiled. Also, Remus Cernea is a founding initiator for removing the icons from schools.

Constantin Rotaru said he wants to nationalize the private companies.

Corneliu Vadim Tudor said he will have 37 % of the votes and the conspirators are trying to forge the elections. His results were about 10 times smaller. As Cristian Tudor Popescu once said in a TV show, CV Tudor is a character which leaves the sphere of the politics and enters the sphere of pathology.

These being said, only by three criteria, I have outruled all of the candidates. I had nobody to vote with. If I had to choose between them, I would have had to choose either Băsescu, either a candidate making absolutely stupid public affirmations that insult my intelligence, either a candidate that does not adress me, does not represent me and does not speak my langauge (the niched candidates).

What would you tell your children, when one of those who you voted for, will pass a law that will affect your child’s future? If your kid would ask you in a few years why did you vote for a certain candidate or party, what would you tell him? The vote is a matter of conscience. You don’t vote to support the band-wagon effect, you vote for something you believe in.

But there’s another problem at hand here. You cannot speak about leadership in Romanian politics. Leadership is based on a large number of people sharing the same beliefs. The Romanian voters don’t have beliefs. The largest part hasn’t been educated to have beliefs. The Romanian voters only have material needs and expectations. It’s logical to assume they will go to that who seems to promise more to fulfill these needs. Nobody cares to think about the actual situation after the elections.

I am ashamed to be a Romanian. I am not only saying that because I didn’t have who to vote with. I don’t say that because of the devastating hillarious attempts to brand (please read “humiliate“[pdf] – read article from page 15-16) our country. The actual image of Romania is this. There is no future in Romania. I find myself trapped as a consultant. I cannot, with a clear conscience, recommend for any  organizational client to do business in this country fro a long term, or to any individual client that there is a future to be hired or to work in this country.

I have stayed in this country sustaining the illusion that it can be better. That it might be better, in the future. No, I no longer hold that illusion. I am ashamed to be a Romanian, with everything this means. I no longer believe in my future, even as a citizen, in this country. I have started my blog in English for different reasons, but now I have another strong reason to continue it in non-Romanian.

I have started to look for countries to emigrate to, on a long term (after 3-4 years). As for my criteria for emigration, I think it will be easier to proceed in the same way as with the presidential elections: what I DON’T WANT comes first. I hope there will be anything left.

What’s left, now? These presidential elections have been pro or anti-Băsescu from the beginning. This has been the stake until now and this will remain, as it was very well explained here. Following the principle “who doesn’t vote, doesn’t comment”, I will not discuss on the theme of presidential elections further on, as I haven’t voted. I have only posted this article TODAY because I didn’t want to be accused of trying to influence someone’s vote and because last week I haven’t had time.





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