Independent Essays, Reportages and Short Films in Bucharest

The following films have been presented in the Lumiere Fest, realized by the participants at the Film Directing for Beginners classes held by Mihnea Columbeanu under the brand “Lumiere Cineclub”. The courses are recommended by Cinemagia.

George Molesag (a student at UNATC starting this fall) has directed a short film, “Bitter and Sweet/Dulce şi Amar“. The title is given by the bar where he captured the atmosphere.

Flavia Cioceanu’s “Memento Mori” walks us through the Bellu cemetery

Andrei Oprescu and Horea Despa, with “Nobody / Nimeni” made a fake reportage of the condition of the Bucharest Zoo.

… And Batori sisters’ demo on why not to use drugs shows a good portrayal of the perspective of drug consumption.

Say No to Drugs! / Spuneţi nu drogurilor!”

Marius Popescu’s essay on the Botanical Garden from Cotroceni might be a good opportunity for you to relax…

This short feature was made during and for the directing classes held by Mihnea Columbeanu between November 2008-September 2009. It was presented at the Lumiere Fest.

Also, of the participants of 2008-2009, 8 out of 11 left until the end had shot their fiction short films. I participated in 4 of them, out of which 2 have been edited (the other 2 have been abandoned), and out of which only the one I was assistant director to was well finished.

As I haven’t directed a short feature yet (either fiction or non-fiction), I consider that the experience of participating in a sum of projects before is a great tool and opportunity to develop some skills and to notice how others work, even if they are beginners. I have only worked as a director for 2 faculty projects (commercials) and as an actor for other 2 faculty projects.

I have been to some classes that the Romanian film director and critic Mihnea Columbeanu held in 2008. With the opportunity of the new film direction beginners class starting in the fall of 2009, I might get myself involved, seeing some of the other participants in the classes developing their projects, as you may check for yourselves in the videos embedded.

Marcus Victor Grant

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