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The Greenfield Community Project

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on 03/09/2009

A week ago, I filmed at Open Coffee a presentation made by Alin Mechenici (PR & Events Officer at Impact) and Isabela Preda (Junior Brand Manager at Greenfield) on the Greenfield Community Project I have edited a summary, to see who was there and what was discussed. The persons who gave the most part of the feed-back were Dragos Roua and Viorel Spinu. Videos are only in Romanian.

Alin Mechenici wrote about this here.

I had the impression that the project is actually a pilot. As Dragos Roua said, it is very useful to use these kind of intrsuments for this kind of needs, but not at such a small scale. This is very useful for testing, and improving the system.


4 Responses to “The Greenfield Community Project”

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  2. Hallo
    Sehr gelungener Post. Da hat mich Yahoo erneut an einen hervorragenden Blog geschickt.
    RSS abonniert
    Viele Gre aus dem schnen Ostfriesland


  3. squidsabubbok said

    And you so tried to do?


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