When You Don’t Need to Promote Your Business

This article is a follow-up on Yesterday at Business Edu.

And then there was the third day, and everybody could go home and rest happily ever weekend (especially Bruno).

I passed by some other stands today. First, I Had an excellent discussion with Anca from Trenwalker Sobis. I found out that not in all countries are there all the services besides personal leasing that Trenwalker has internationally developed. Still, on the main page, there isn’t specified information on all training modules. So if you really want their training list, you’ll have to ask them.

Similarly, from Road Language Centre, Mihai Vulpescu told me that all the information on the brochure they didn’t put on their website. Why? Is there a secret?

How to make a woman read your blog (not a universal recipe)

This is Roxana Feregan I wrote about yesterday – she has a great way of maintaining rapport.

Roxana Feregan (Consulteam) at Business Edu 2009
Roxana Feregan (Consulteam) at Business Edu 2009

I just told her I wrote something on my blog about her. She didn’t have time to read it until then. After taking this photo, she ran to check it out. e

I then talked to Radu Ionescu (RDI) and found out why the mediation conference stand was empty. Actually, the conference is a training where they expect a lot of people from three categories: certified mediators, attorneys (partnership with AvocatNet), and managers. I guess the “presence” here was intended for the managers. Really, smart communicating – you just need two channels (which he already has), and then comes the third… I wish him the best; I really hope this conference will turn out well; it sounds pretty interesting – there will be three role-plays for a case study.

It was a pleasure talking again with Petra Muller-Demary.

Petra Muller Demary at Business Edu 2009
Petra Muller Demary at Business Edu 2009

She told me about the Journey of Life program she will participate in as a trainer in September. It’s a very flexible training mainly addressed to personal development (but also for professional development) with a combination of techniques which I’m convinced will significantly impact the participants’ lives.

Here we have the initiative of Babylon Consult I wrote about yesterday…

Babylon Consult at Business Edu 2009
Babylon Consult at Business Edu 2009

They don’t have anything on their website about event organizing…

I talked to Valentina Smaranda from TUV Austria Romania and found out they also have personal development pieces of training now.


TUV Austria Romania at Business Edu 2009
TUV Austria Romania at Business Edu 2009

I really hope they will update their new section on the website…

Open Bell had some lovely prints. They organize English Courses, now also for children. They also have pieces of training for HR, which they mentioned on their website, but I haven’t found that out.

MMG International had a strong presence: the general manager, the French manager, and a trainer. They have all in general and nothing in particular. They didn’t promote or sell; they came to inform. Their website says that they have specialized in improving the performance of small enterprises since 4 years ago. On the stand, they said they have been on the market for 6 years. Maybe if they stop confusing portfolios with references, they’ll start promoting in the next 2 years.

And in the end, of course, everybody went to Bruno‘s presentation, which took place in “The Learning Area”. Bruno wrote, in this article published on Business-Edu.ro, “has there anytime been any learning without doing?”.


Bruno Medicina at Business-Edu 2009
Bruno Medicina at Business-Edu 2009

In the sound of everybody packing to leave, we didn’t have much space to be doing much in The Learning Area (not even to take a decent photograph, as you may have observed above…), but people were happy to listen to Bruno again. Luckily, there were places to sit on the stairs in the back, because there weren’t enough chairs…

I conclude with this…

Two guys talk about teaching. One says:

– I taught my dog how to play chess yesterday…

– And? What does he know?

– I said I taught him, but I didn’t say he learned…



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