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Our yearly Business-Edu

You can’t miss it.

You can’t improve it…

You can’t ignore it.

It’s happening.

So, as long as this is the brand, let’s see what’s become of it…

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First of all, people presenting are more active… so I would say, compared to 2006 (for example), when about half of the people from the stands didn’t much care about the people who were potentially interested. Is their interest too late? I wouldn’t say so… but time will tell.

I can certainly say that I found interesting stuff with this opportunity, and I want to briefly write what I found interesting. I’ll be there also on Friday.

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The first great news is that someone convinced Vladimir that using Captaingo for organizing events is a good idea. Babylon Consult organizes on-site training all around the country, in collaboration with a casino, to educate the risk-taking behavior. I was very well impressed by the initiative of Babylon Consult, and I think they took place in the available market for anyone to grab. And there’s still a lot of area for development. So I congratulated the project manager for convincing Vladimir about this idea. I also talked to him in the Spring of 2008. I hope this business grows because it has a lot of potential…

I met a very interesting hypnotist, Bruce Bennett, who was advertising for Bob Proctor’s seminar in November. Also, I understand a new documentary, “Beyond the secret“, is coming out this June.

The girl at the stand of had very good intentions, and it’s interesting that decided to share their experience, but the stake was missed.

The National Mediation Association is organizing a conference. They had some promotional materials, but nobody was at the stand. Nice initiative. I wanted to know more about the public, the program… Whatever.

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I had a very interesting discussion with Mihnea Raşcă from ExecEdu about the MBA programs that ASEBUSS is organizing, which I might develop in a further post.

Mihai Vulpescu from Road Language Centre told me how they have used a webinar platform to host and organize training in the last 2 months.

I found absolutely great the presence of the Consulteam at the fair, and they chose a very empathic person to talk at the stand, Roxana Feregan. I think I found it the best presentation at the fair, from the people I’ve talked to (except maybe Mihaela Zaharia from Mindmaster, who is launching a parenting training – an absolutely wonderful initiative – and it’s just 100 lei – she just looked like the happiest mother on Earth, it’s been truly inspiring to see her again and talk for a few moments).

Roland Gareis has a new brand, “Happy Projects”. It’s not very clear what their project is with this, but at least it’s happy. I perceived it as a rather interesting shift in the brand… I’m curious how they will manage the event in the fall… considering they still don’t know who they’ll invite…

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It’s helpful to know that at the Rin Grand Hotel you can reserve a rented conference room from today for tomorrow.

I met for the first time in person Delia Mureşan. She’s a genuine, living inspiration. I was impressed by her openness and her passion. All the things I have intuited about her style of writing articles have been confirmed. Also, I found out that the Romanian Society for Coaching awarded her the title of the best coach or something like that… I can definitely understand why. I think she puts a lot of soul into creating a difference for her clients, and it reminded me of how I started doing HR consulting about 3 years ago…

And then, of course, there was this place I just loved, a very life-filled corner, Noble Manhattan Coaching… where I changed a few impressions with some acquaintances from the peer coaching practice – I understand that lately there haven’t been any more meetings (in May I was more preoccupied with the faculty exams and projects at the master’s degree).

So… even though it’s not what it was some days, you may take a look; there are some fine people with some decent and even attractive offers, even though the presence at Sala Palatului wasn’t very consistent…



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