Impressions from the GalerIAA Opening

I just came from the GalerIAA Opening. Lots of impressions.

First of all, I consider the initiative of the IAA (International Advertising Association) just great. I think there was a need for such exhibitions to fill out a gap. The walls and the lockers were filled with paintings and drawings. Although it was an event mainly addressed to the people in Marcom that have hobbies they would like to share, almost anyone could join…

Still, considering what they intended the event to gather, I noticed there were mainly paintings and drawings and some prints and comics. And the most fascinating thing: a collection of thimbles. No origami. No sculptures. No plasticine. No other kind of creation. I wonder if it’s because they didn’t communicate the event enough or because people don’t really have these kinds of passions.


How to make the magic disappear

I opened the locker in front of a friend of mine, one of which was used to post drawings (some of them of Alexandra Dinu’s – an old acquaintance I was glad to meet again – I never knew she was so sensible). He was amazed: “Wow! That’s actually a locker!”.

I was talking to a young artist when a guy went by with a can of beer, and while he tried to pass behind me, he brought down one of her paintings. With this opportunity, I noticed the drawings were just held in pins. It’s rather interesting that paintings evaluated on over 300 euros are only held in pins (!). It will be interesting to visit the gallery after about a month.


How to look snobbish – in case you try to find a solution

The truth is I don’t know much about art. I’d like to know more, but unfortunately, I’ve never been so interested in something like taking a class on that.

And there were 3 kinds of combined reasons why I was there tonight.

I first knew I wanted to talk to Bogdan Naumovici about a script for a short film for which I’m going to be 1st assistant director. It’s something small, doesn’t take much, it’s not a professional short, it’s something that a colleague of mine is making for her admission at Vienna Film School. I sent him the e-mail, and I’m waiting for his feedback in the following days. I talked to him at the event but didn’t hear him speak in the beginning; I came when the band started singing. [later edit: I worked on the project, and it turned out awesome]

The second reason was that I wanted to know more about IAA Young Professionals and how to join. With this opportunity, I found out that Alexandra Dumitru (Which I knew from sight but did not recognize at the beginning, although we met at Bruno Medicina‘s firewalking in 2008 and at the launch of in 2008) was the person to send an e-mail (alexandra[punct]dumitru[at] with the CV for the admission in July.

Elena Ioniţă told me about a month ago to look for Nicoleta Deliu or Mihnea Miculescu if I wanted to join IAA YP. Still, I misplaced the paper I wrote that information on and found it just a few days ago.

Now an interesting thing I found was that on the main page of IAA, it says that IAA YP gathers professionals in Marcom under 25. On the other hand, this press release signed by Alexandra Dumitru (phone number 0729 003 956) says that IAA YP gathers professionals under 26. Considering that the Romanian IAA branch has been awarded internationally for being the most active in the whole world, I am sure there will be a correction made somewhere… [later edit: a bunch of months later, I decided to de-affiliate from all the NGOs I was in]

The third reason I came was that one of my potential clients and a friend of mine said he’ll go, and I booked a place for him too, but he couldn’t arrive. However, he said he found out about the initiative, wanted to check out the site, and was enthusiastic about it… but I guess he’ll have time to do so.

In principle, “My mouth will start to talk in less than 30 seconds, so it would better say something useful…” Unfortunately, I kind of stumbled tonight. I found myself trying to say things and finding out I don’t have anything to say at all… good luck with the following exhibitions (and maybe I’ll participate in the photo exhibition in the fall). It’s kind of embarrassing trying to say something in a particular set if you don’t really have anything to say. Nevertheless, there is a golden principle: “He who talks seeds. He who listens gathers.”.


Other ideas which crossed my mind:

The band created some atmosphere.

Nice event, overall.

Great space for exhibition (between 9-18, until the 16th of July, at Calea Victoriei 126, on the 3rd floor of the building with the entrance through the ACT Theatre). I am waiting for the next one.

As a delightful surprise, I had the opportunity to talk again with Ramona Pătrăşcanu and Phoebs.

Marcus Victor Grant

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